A Song in the Making

I believe it was 1991 when kindergarten was introduced to the New Brunswick public school system. Several years later, the Department of Education had the audacity to refer to grades 9 & 10 as the Foundation Years. So I guess that made K-8 the Pre-Foundation?

 I want to salute our primary (K-2) teachers. They are the hardest working teachers in our system and the ones who are poised to make the greatest difference. Thank you.

A Song in the Making

During my entire time as principal I taught music to the kindergarten students. At least twice a week I would visit each of the two classes. This would give their teachers some much needed preparation time and it gave me the opportunity to get to know the kids on the ground floor. Years later when I finished off my career teaching chemistry at Hampton High (my last 6 years), I had at least 2 of those former kindergarten students in each of my Chem 12 classes – now how cool is that? During the very last class I taught, I asked two of those students to stay behind after the bell. After the class was dismissed I said, “Fellows, you were in the last kindergarten classes I taught. I want you to be the last students to walk out the door before I retire.” I shook their hands and thanked them for being part of my journey.

But that’s not the story I want to share.

On one particular morning there was an in-service (professional development) being conducted at our school. Teachers were visiting from different schools and two people from the District were in attendance, both of whom wanted to peek in on my class. Sure enough, as I was getting set up they both appeared. This is the conversation they overheard:

Little girl speaking to me, “Today is my grammy’s birthday.”

I responded, “Well isn’t that special. I hope you sing Happy Birthday for her.”

Girl: “She’s dead.”

“I am sorry to hear that. It must be a sad day for your grampy.”

“They were split up.”

Not knowing what to say at this point I turned to my two colleagues and said, “I think I have enough now to write a country song.”


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