Cheaper by the Dozen

Cheaper By the Dozen

During the year I spent at the District Office I had the good fortune of driving by a newly opened bagel store each day. I knew the owner, he was actually the principal of one of the nearby high schools. I would often stop in on my way home to pick up fresh bagels.

On this particular day I made an unscheduled stop. There was a new face behind the counter. She told me that she was a high school student and that this was her part-time job.

I didn’t have a lot of cash with me. After I looked in my wallet I counted my change. I didn’t see any prices displayed. I looked up at the young lady.

How much would half a dozen be?”

Six”, she answered without any hesitation.

I looked at her. I was waiting for her to laugh and to actually answer my question, but she just stared back at me. She actually thought that I didn’t know what a half dozen was.

Really? Here I was wearing a jacket and tie and I easily had 25 years on her. For her to think that I had made it this far along not knowing that a half dozen was 6 seemed rather unbelievable. I then thought to myself, What makes for a better story?

I asked, “So then, a dozen would be 12?”

That’s right”, she answered.

A week later I saw the owner at a principals’ meeting. I told him the story, and after he finished laughing he told me that the young lady was actually a student at his high school. He was fairly certain that in her response she was not trying to be flippant at all.

That principal and I are both retired now but we occasionally run into each other. When we do there is a better than 50% chance that he will say, “Hey, how much is half a dozen?”

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