High School Swim Team

High School Swim Team

Our high school swim team was about to head off to a major competition. I was in grade 12 and seated in the auditorium with a number of my football teammates. This particular school assembly was to serve as a pep rally for the members of swim team. There were over 800 students at this assembly.

The female coach of the team walked up to the microphone. She called to the athletes, and the swimmers came out from behind the curtain. My buddies and I were disappointed that they didn’t come out in their swimsuits; you see, except for one guy, the assembled team was entirely female (and we were 17-year-old boys).

Now the lone fellow on stage was also also a football player. Football season was over; but still, he was one of us and there he was standing amongst a dozen females. We were jealous.

The coach talked about the upcoming meet and about the team in general. She then introduced each member. When the individual names were said, that student would step forward, we would cheer and the coach would state that person’s swimming style.

She was introducing the students from left to right. She finally came to Ed.

Next we have Ed Smith. Ed is a breast-stroker.”

OMG, did she really say that? The whoops began.

Ed, you are the man!”

But does he do any swimming?”

Looks like you have your hands full, Ed.”

The are some things that need to be carefully worded when presenting to a group of trans-pubescent boys.

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