Time to Think! Today’s Generation

How mature are we?

Taking the case of a friendship, may be it is all about understanding each other’s differences, as usually said. Yes it is. But, someone who always supports and pampers you is definitely not a good friend but the one who talks to you about your mistakes and moulds you is. “He/she had been in my worst times. They are the reason why I’m here today. They are the best thing in my life”. I know there are few good friends in everyone’s life. But making them a priority at every place is never healthy. Meanwhile, if you get married or be in a relationship at a point in life, there comes the disturbance or misunderstanding between the partners. You don’t have to give up on friends but balancing is way too important. If there is no tendency to manage both of them equally, it is better not to engage into a relationship or marriage life. I’m not talking friendship is bad but priorities do matter a lot. Your life partner should always be the on the first place, no matter how bad your fights are going on. But why are there so much fights? The first reason is lack of communication. The next thing is the lack of concern (as I said, being happy with someone by making other one cry is a worthless life). I have seen a few people with attitude “Why would I change? You have no rights to control me. Who the hell are you to do so?”. There is nothing wrong being like this in life, UNTIL you get a partner. Respect him/her now and be respected later. Because if you have no intentions of changing or sacrificing (permanently), don’t give any false promise relationship to anybody (sacrificing means leaving something permanently). May be you are strong enough to lead your own life, but the other person was completely dependent on you much longer and leaving them like a trash and not minding at all sets you to be an example of a perfect lesson. “Any true relationship is about accepting the way they are. You see your own self there. And that is how it goes”. Who said? It is about reforming the person into something better. But few don’t wish to become better. If your partner says that something hurts them, stop it. That is where you respect them. Doing things behind or when they are not with you, or trying to get a relief for temporary sake in their absence, is called cheating your own life with someone later in future. I’m very sorry to say that there are many dumb people calling themselves as “friends”. How sarcastically they say, “You senseless. He/She is my friend”. Don’t think that you have so much brains. If they had really been a good friend, it would had been their duty to make their friends understand where they go wrong. Jumping around calling that as 10years friendship is literally funny. Hanging out and selfies won’t make a good friendship. When you cannot reshape your friend to a better person, better live alone rather than spoiling them. If someone comes behind you for anything and nothing, it is worthless to get annoyed unnecessarily. If you take it as annoyance, it is. If you take it as love, it is. Deciding this will show who you are. Decide what you are. Being mature is a matter of choice. Everything comes with experience. So let it. Now or later or never. Depends on you.

If this had hurt someone’s feelings, sorry.
If it really made sense, many thanks!

© Yashica Priya