High performing kids return high scores from brainpage modules of knowledge transfer

Smart brainpage of knowledge transfer is necessary to secure high grades in the exams

High grade performance

Students are misguided that they should acquire high quality education but grades are not important for learning quality, skill development and problem solving abilities. It is suggested that the achievement of knowledge transfer is not related to the grades of academic results. The success of education can’t be arbitrary for learning hardships and classroom performance. Learning is the acquisition of knowledge, skill and experience in school education. It is evaluated in the exams and students are awarded with marks, grades and merit for their academic performance. Knowledge is transferred to student’s brain from teaching performance, book reading and problem solving activities.

Cingulate amygdala circuitry

It is fact that the learning drives of knowledge transfer are acquired from the cingulate amygdala circuitry of brain mechanism and it may be also suicidal in the state of extreme fear and depression. Teaching is the first dimension of education system but the function matrix of questions is the first dimension of evaluation, tests and exams. The quality and question of education both are synonymous in the reality of school ecosystem. You can ask simple questions to a person and observe the face reactance of amygdala activation. Function matrix of the questions is very powerful to activate the learning mechanism of student’s brain.

First dimension of learning transfer

Students need to apply the learning dimensions of knowledge transfer in the classroom to achieve outstanding success in life. The set of questions is important for the evaluation of exams but it is not important for classroom learning transfer. It’s true that question is the first dimension of knowledge transfer used to develop brainpage modules in the learning circuits of student’s brain. It reflects the function matrix of knowledge contents and academic test is also conducted by asking the set of questions to decide the standard evaluation of brainpage development.

Brainpage in home learning

The brainpage modules of subject matter are prepared to meet the questions, challenges and scores of academic tests. Brainpage school is procedural learning school where learning by doing is encouraged and students get chance to learn knowledge from mistakes. It’s true that students make the brainpage of subject matter in home learning before exams and the teacher makes the brainpage of chapter topics before classroom performance. Obviously, brainpage is the software of learning transfer which is used in reading, writing and understanding. There is lack of brainpage development in school system, so right answers are not made in the exams to obtain high grades for academic achievement.

FAQs and Data Science

The practice of questions and answers are not arranged in active classroom, so students attend coaching centers for the preparation of tests or exams. In school system, the chapter of knowledge is required to write the replies of questions. The quality of learning is evaluated by asking questions, so knowledge problem is restructured in the set of questions. Hence, query is the matrix of formatted tasks but solution is the modulation of brain learning. FAQs technology has been designed on the internet to improve communication and it is extensively used in collecting information and data for feedback and corresponding updates. Data science is a new course in the world of information technology which is based on the function matrix of targeted questions.

Machine language and user’s choice

Queries are elaborated to give information about application, functions and user’s choice . This is the science of user’s brainpage utilized in the design of FAQs technology. Machine language has been derived also from the modulation of functional brainpage. Brainpage school is procedural learning school where learning by doing is encouraged in school and students get chance to learn knowledge from mistakes. We know that learning from mistakes is powerful in academy to improve the quality of achievement. A teacher performs the function of task moderator to show the pathway of brainpage development. One day it may happen that classroom learning will run without teaching and children will be transformed into small teachers.

Alternate form of education

Learnography is the alternate form of education which deals with the learning mechanism of brain. It is advanced in learning process and task is moderated in school hour instead of teaching. We know that a new chapter is always uneasy for understanding and learning. It is often discussed that teaching can simplify difficult lessons and students will know the new chapter without hardships. It’s not true because student’s brain learning remains incomplete because of weak synaptic potentials and so teaching can’t help in problem solving activities. In fact, the brainpage of task formator recognizes the necessary pattern of subject matter and block solver is prepared to know new knowledge and hard tasks.

Shiva Narayan
Golden Star Secondary School
Rajbiraj, Nepal

Brainpage School

Happiness Classroom ! Book is the transfer source of knowledge and student’s brain is the transfer target of learning. To be high performing students, make brainpage in collaborative classroom by applying the seven dimensions of knowledge transfer. The motor science of knowledge transfer should be launched in the classroom for the learning development and brainpage modules of Autistic or ADHD students. Let the students use motor knowledge to make smart brainpage in the classroom from book to brain direct learning transfer. The cyclozeid of knowledge transfer is rehearsed in the classroom to produce high speed zeidstream in the working mechanism of brain circuits.