Revolution in Education | Empowering Students with Basic Life Skills

The knowledge about having basic life skills among students is hardly seen. Life skills are things that can be anything that’s helpful for your kids to grow better in every aspect of circumstances. Some of them include facing and overcoming problems, learning any process, thinking out of the box, ignoring negative thoughts and people, accepting ups and downs, and most importantly self-love.

Good Behaviour
In this generation of educational system, it has become so rare to see children getting to know about basic morals and values of discipline and good manners—the very basic qualities that will build your child’s behaviour. This will help them serve their life better.

Facing Criticism
One of the major issues children are facing is criticism. How to face it and get through? Criticism is everywhere. Let your kids know that critics exist in every atmosphere. From birth to death. Tell them the best way to avoid such situations is by not minding and not lending ears to those low-quality conversations. Too much criticism affects one’s self-esteem. One of the right things we teach our kids is habit of giving appreciation to everyone and everything. It is important for them to learn because it becomes a quality of their character by not judging anyone with looks, status, physique, or the atmosphere they live in. Everyone is equal here. Also, most importantly, it is strictly not necessary for them to sit anywhere where people have filthy, powerless, and degrading conversation. Because, you don’t raise your child to gossip anything not needed or to speak ill about anything. You raise them to be a good human, first of all.

Developing Self-Love and Self-Esteem
Children have to love themselves, at first place, before they could genuinely love others. As parents, give them the opportunity to choose. When they come to you for help or need, just give them ideas and guide them. Let them proceed and progress in it. Be it getting their uniforms and shoes in the morning, till arranging their bed while going to sleep. Teach them to do their own work; say, organizing their clothes, washing their plates, arranging their wardrobe, and keeping their place clean. Once they practice this habit, it becomes a necessary everyday-routine. This will create enough confidence in them by getting their things done on their own without being dependent. Of all, give them your attention. It means the world to them. Appreciate even when they do a simple good thing. Spend time with them. They don’t ask you for me when they realize parents are the best. That gives them immense happiness, and they start loving and believing you more than anyone else. When you face a problem, don’t panic or get your face weird in front of them. Instead, be normal and smile and say it is solvable. That will help them know that no problem is huge and can be resolved. You set an example there, as in, more like accepting mistakes, flaws, consequences, and still being normal and loving your life, which creates more love for themselves and the life they live.

Facing Challenges
Teach your children to focus on their challenges and outputs. Tell them challenges are tests and trails that will mould them to become better. There will be positive and negative. There will be success and failure. Say that it is completely okay to lose a game, fail a tournament, to be backward in a race. Give them the chances to explore the outside atmosphere so that they can see out-of-the-box opportunities. Never keep your child in comfort zone. Let them come out of it. It improves their confidence, as they see things differently and aspire more. Once they start doing it, assure them if they keep trying, progress and success will be more visible.

As we live in today’s reality, it is more important to teach your kids about self-control over things they don’t need or not right. Being children, they find it attractive when they see something from other kids or what they do. If it is truly necessary, buy them. If not, it must be a strict NO. This practice will have a huge impact in their future. They will think twice before doing anything. That helps them have patience in life which will actually help them realize not everything that they want is important and not everything they don’t get is a loss. Also, it helps them manage their anger or frustration without any strong emotion.

Many of the educational institutions don’t concentrate on building up each kid with these lessons. They might help them with career but definitely not with basic life skills that are majorly needed. As parents, it is our duty to teach them all these to bring out positive development, strong goals, and superior challenges in children. I, strongly and personally, believe there is no better teacher or any institution that teaches your kid than their own parents. Because, what you, as parents, cultivate in them is what your child becomes.

© Yashica Priya