Education is the passport to the future ,for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for 2day ….👨‍🎓👩‍🎓

I am going to tell a brief explanation about education system in karnataka.

Modern education started in Mysore with foundation of one English medium school in 1833 by king of mysore of dat time.

Education research and training came into existence in 1975_76.Educational institutions sainik school ,bijapur,it started in 1916 by govt of karnataka .

Central schools

Central school scheme cme into force it’s purpose was to provide educational facilities to the children of govt.employees who were transfered from one part to another part of the country.


1.Mysore univesity

It is the first university of India cought by British rule.it is also the first university of karnataka .it started in 1916.”Manas gangotri is it’s name .

2.Karnataka university

The university founded in 1949 by D.C Pawate it is in Dharwad .

3.Bangalore university

Founded in july 10th ,1964 .It’s campus name is ‘jnana bharati’Bangalore open university is in the premisses of central college


Founded in mangalore on 10 september 1980 .campus name is ‘mangala gangotri’.

Karnatka ranks third position in the country for its overall performance inthe delivery school education .

Sooo we being educated let us all join our hands to control child labour and encourage them to study .And its our duty to build a awarness to the people about importance of education