AI Against Teachers

One of the more disturbing narratives in Kai-fu Lee’s book is the discussion of teaching.

“Students will get taught through on-screen lectures!” Kai-fu Lee gushes. “And while they learn, they will be spied on by machines that will analyze their gestures and facial expressions to see who’s paying attention and who isn’t!”

Of course, we already have these analyzing machines. They are called human teachers. But the whole point is to fire the human teachers and save on labor costs. Machines don’t need a paid maternity leave or a vacation! Plus, they are really objective, unlike those defective humans who have emotions, moods, and illnesses.

Kai-fu Lee is honest, so I don’t blame him. I blame the complacent fools who don’t see this as a problem. Kai-fu Lee’s children or grandchildren will get normal human teachers. It’s us, dumb natives, who will be robbed.