CafeLit 9

A publisher I write for has a site called CafeLit. The site posts a story every day from a wide range of writers. Whether that be a new writer just set out on their writing career or an established writer with writing awards under their belt. So if you’re a new or established writer looking for a place to send your work then try CafeLit

Here’s a list of writers and their story titles that have made it into the collection for publication this year.

Paula R C Readman: No Laughing matter.
Jim Bates: Sirrico peak
Hannah Retallick: Think Pink
Dawn Knox: The Stag Do
Paula Readman: Rear View Mirror
Mason Bushell: The Heart Shaped Carving In Old Oak Tree
Yasmine Lever: Papier mache dreams
Luke S: The Front Lines
Wendie Lovell: The Purple Scarf
Pauline Howard: Hot Stones
Matthew Roy Davey: The Butterfly Hook
Mark Readman: The King’s Shilling
Janet Howson: The Trial Run
Ray Daley : Two Tickets to the End of the World
Hannah Retallick: Unspoken Unheard
Dawn De Braal: Eii’s Worms
Allison Symes: Humourless
Debz Hobbs-Wyatt: Looking for Graceland
Robin Wrigley: Milly and her Iridescent Pantyhose
Mason Bushell: The Magician and The Jinn
Penny Rogers: The Saving of Banerjee
Jim Bates: Was it just my imagination?
Alex Womack: A Summer Morning in 1976
Maxine Churchman: Schadenfrende
Sally Zigmond: The Perfection of Hopelessness
Hannah Retallick: They Want
Wendy Pike: Bonzo the Dog
Allison Symes: The Green Door
Kim Martins: The Trapper’s Torment
Dawn Kentish Knox: Christmas Echoes
Jim Bates: Was it Just My Imagination?
Gill James: The Yellow Bus
Gill James: Three’s a Crowd

I made it into last year’s collection. The sad thing is this year we may miss out on meeting up for the book launch in December. It’s lovely to meet the other writers face to face over a meal and a glass of wine. Though we all belong to an online Facebook group aka The Clubhouse where we chat, it not the same as meet socially.

Last Year Collection