Over the last few months, the Internet has been broadcasting a steady stream of bad news, specifically about all the damage that’s been done to the entire world, thanks to the CCP virus. A lot of people are talking about making the Chinese Communist Party pay for it. This is a slippery slope, because nobody has actual legal jurisdiction over mainland China, which means any attempt at actually securing reparations are pretty much off the table, with zero discussion.

So does that mean everybody should just suck it up, and focus on quietly dealing with the fresh dumpster fires in their own countries, without exploring any ways to give their economies a little boost during these harrowing times?

I don’t think so. In fact, the answer might already be right under our noses. Or, to put it more precisely, solutions may already exist well within our own territories, because China has been quickly buying up land, resources, companies, and other assets within our borders, for many years. You see where I’m going with this? I’m not talking about getting mad, or getting even. I’m simply pointing out how we can reclaim lost assets, as well as cutting ourselves off from a belligerent trade partner who has been dropping plenty of hints that “peaceful rejuvenation” is a lie. How much does China, Inc. own in other countries anyway? Let’s find out. I’d be willing to bet it’s a substantial amount. Maybe even enough to offset economic damages, and fund an organized Made in USA movement.

While we’re at it, how about encouraging other countries to dismantle all “Belt and Road Initiative” infrastructure that exists outside of China, and repurposing it for local use? Generally speaking, the BRI has already penetrated some of the world’s most needy countries, through the kindness of debt trap diplomacy. There are dozens of sites around the world right now, and if the communities around those sites were to reclaim their territories at the same time, there’s very little China would be able to do about it. In a matter of weeks, all of that steel, stone, and technology would simply be carried away, and put to use somehow.

Anyway, I’m just riffing here. The truth is, we’ll never reclaim the many lives that have been lost to China’s pandemic, but we can use what’s already within our reach to help us heal and overcome the damages, as a nation. Personally, I don’t want to see any memorials to the victims of COVID-19. I only want to see Americans survive and thrive, as we return to our roots and once again become an independent nation of self-sufficient individuals.

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