Conquerors Are Coming

In Chapter 5, Kai-fu Lee explains what kind of future he and his fellow conquistadors of our right to be human are preparing for us. Obviously, he’s one of the people who are hoping to enrich themselves exploiting our simple-mindedness, so he’s only mentioning what he considers to be the nice sides of the AI colonization he and his buddies are planning. Even then, the picture he paints is so terrifying that I think we need to make fighting this our number one priority.

We are not China yet! We are not some beaten down pawns of a totalitarian regime. We have democratic institutions, and we need to use them to defend ourselves against this horror. We need to forget all of the inane and irrelevant spats about non-issues like abortion, SAT tests, racismsexism, UBI, guns, and all the rest of that crap. This is Christopher Columbus disembarking on our shores and waving red caps and pieces of broken mirror at us to entrap us.

Will we stand around, gawping stupidly while we get dispossessed or will we do something about it?