Could be karma is coming back around for the Trump White House

Mother Nature apparently doesn’t like the way things are going in the world at the moment and banded together with irresistible  karma to take a whack at Donald J. Trump, the original source of most of the chaos in the world today.


It seems the Fates selected a close adviser inside Trump’s White House to host treacherously virulent novel coronavirus spores that have a tendency to make those around the unsuspecting host either sick or dead. It could mean there are about to be some sinister changes inside the White House.

There are plenty of reasons for the gods to take aim at the incendiary narcissist and bungler working diligently to destroy all the institutions of America. Their displeasure could be over Trump’s treatment of Mother Earth; his disregard for the lives of millions of Americans and almost all those who live beyond our borders; or it could simply be because Trump is just such an asshole all the time. Some things are best left to the gods and the 12 rules of karma to understand.

A real good example of karma in action is the haunting of the White House by demi-princess Katie Rose Waldman Miller, the new wife of Stephen Miller, one of Trump’s closest advisers. Both Millers work deep in the Trumplandian swamp where nepotism is A-okay. Katie Miller is the press secretary of Vice President Mike Pence and a close personal adviser to Trump. It was revealed Friday that she is infected with COVID-19.

Stephen Miller, as he SHOULD appear in public.

Her husband is the unfortunate Jewish doppelgänger of super-Nazi Reinhard Heydrich. Unlike the assassinated architect of Germany’s “Jewish Solution,” Miller keeps his iron fists in a velvet glove as he tramples the basic rights and prerogatives of fellow human beings. His thing is staying almost morbidly silent as he generates ultra right-wing, white-nationalist policy that eschews black, brown and Arab peoples from coming to America.

Karma adherents who have always maintained that Trump has it coming, believe in most, if not all of the 12 benevolent rules of karma that guide practitioners to a tranquil life. The Sanskrit For Dummies definition of karma is that it means “action.” Laws of karma are all about the positive or negative implications of our words, thoughts, and deeds. Everything we do — good or bad — creates a corresponding energy that comes back to gobsmack us in some form or another.

Miller lives high on the hog. The international villain and fawning Trump loyalist married Katie last Feb. 16 at Trump International Hotel in Washington, with Uncle Donald in attendance. The event was officiated by Rabbi Aryeh Lightstone, a senior adviser to the United States ambassador to Israel. The ambassador apparently was taking time off from helping Israel steal more stuff from the caged Palestinians.

How sweet, Katie and Reinhard … er, Stephen. — Photo by Andrea Hanks

Before her White House gig, the new Mrs. Miller, 28, served as a spokeswoman for the United States Department of Homeland Security during the tenure of Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen. Her husband helped engineer Nielsen’s controversial public firing for being too lenient to the babies her agency tore from their parents’ arms before being stuffed inside the brutal concentration camps Miller helped to organize.

Katie Miller’s reported affliction with the coronavirus on Friday was the second known case of COVID-19 this week inside Trump’s inner circle.

According to White House pool reports, Pence’s flight to Des Moines, Iowa, was delayed on the tarmac of Joint Base Andrews in Maryland for an hour Friday morning, where six people who had contact with Katie Miller deplaned. On Thursday, the White House confirmed that a personal valet for Trump also had a confirmed case of COVID-19.

Both Trump and Pence reportedly tested negative on Thursday, the White House said.

Trump often downplays the magnitude of the pandemic while he focuses on reopening the nation’s economy that his weak, vacillating policies helped destroy.

Pence is equally culpable for misdirecting the country through his brainless thoughts and deeds. He came under fire last week for not wearing a mask during a visit to Minnesota’s prestigious Mayo Clinic. He later admitted he made a mistake, claiming he “didn’t think it was necessary, but I should have worn a mask.”

No shit Sherlock, that’s why the country is falling apart.