Fail To Succeed

I was sitting yesterday in the balcony by my plants imagining the life 2 months back and I noticed a tiny little spider. It was brownish in color and very light to look at. I freaked out initially but then since it wasn’t coming my way, I kept my calm and noticed where it was going.

I see it tried to climb the wall of the balcony, but fell down several times. However, it didn’t stop it. Eventually after multiple tries, it managed to climb up. This reminded me of a bed time story I heard, which was called “The King and the Spider“.

This made me think, this story has been taught to us when we were so young and it still makes sense. Taking failures positively and not giving up to reach the success eventually.

Importance of Failure

Have you ever wondered why everyone who is successful today keeps saying, I failed multiple times.

It is because failure is as important as success or even more. Failure teaches you a big deal. It teaches you how you can move forward. It lets you realize why hard work is important and over confidence is not.

I believe life tests you, it tries to check how worthy you are. How much can you bear. How badly you want something. Once it has tested you, it gives you the taste of success and trust me, true taste of success can only be felt after failures.

Who fails

Who do you think has the risk of failures?

Is it the people who are genius but lazy? Or the one who never wants to get out of the comfort zone? Or the people who never want to take a risk?

It is none of them. They can never fail!

Failures are the people who wants to take risks, who want to get out of their comfort zone and chase their dreams. those are the people who fail and rise back again!

What exactly failure means

Imagine a life without failure.

Imagine if you never failed , will you ever be able to enjoy your successes? Wouldn’t it be just another day? Wouldn’t you take it for granted?

Failure means that you are striving to Surpass yourself. It means, you are not settling , you are ready to fight anything that comes your way while you chase your dream.

Conclusion: It is the attitude that matters

Failing is alright. Everyone who is successful today has failed in their life for multiple times.

Of course you will feel bad if you fail, that is fine. But don’t just give up because you failed at something once. “If one door closes, multiple opens” and in order to see the open gates, we need to think and see clearly.

It is the attitude towards failure that matters the most. When life gives you challenges and you fail, important part is to learn from those failures and rise up again! Fail once, fail multiple time in order to succeed. Do not give up!

Hey guys! Hope you loved reading the post, please let me know your feedback in comments below.

I would love to know how you see success and failures? What was your story of failure and success?