How to Handle One-Way Video Job Interviews

Face-to-face interviews have always been the norm for employers and job seekers who wish to get into the companies they wish to apply for. When an interview is scheduled, the job seeker will be meeting someone from the company, who will assess their worth as a future employee.

However, with the improvement in communications in recent years with the help of the internet together with the Covid-19 pandemic, video interviews are now being adopted.

A company’s HR can easily schedule an interview with a job seeker and interview them using a video call app as normal. Some companies are even doing one-way video interviews where the job seeker will have to answer several questions and record it for the employer to review.

If you are scheduled to have one of these one-way video interviews, you will definitely need to prepare like preparing for a traditional interview.

Here are some tips to help you with your interview and help you get that job:

1. Always read the instructions

If you want to clinch that job you are applying for, you have to show that you can work efficiently with the instructions given to you. Take some time to study the instructions given for your interview and ask questions accordingly.

Skipping this will definitely cause the employer to assume you don’t do well with instructions and aren’t meticulous enough. This will definitely leave a bad impression.

2. Take note of the deadline

One-way interviews involve you sending a recorded clip of your interview answers in a certain time frame.

Mark the date in your calendar and make sure that you complete your interview before it. The faster you do it, the better impression you will show to the employer.

However, rushed work does not mean you can hand in sloppy interview videos. Take time to rehearse your answers and prep accordingly.

3. Prepare your login information and your device for the interview

Speaking of prepping… Before doing your interview, make sure that you have everything ready and tested.

Check your internet connection, the device you will be using and the log-in details given to you. Do a sound check with another laptop (or with a helpful friend) to make sure he or she can hear you perfectly.

In case of technology breakdown, always have a second device on standby. You will never know when you need it and it makes you feel better than you have a contingency plan.

4. Review the job description

If you want to make the right impression for the job, you need to review the job description given to you.

As with every interviews, you should also take time to know more about the company, the people working for them, the products and services they offer and other relevant information.

Google your interviewer and chances are he or she will be on LinkedIn. By seeing his profile pic and understanding where he stand in the company, it will make you less nervous during the interview. But please do not stalk him on social media!

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5. Prepare your answers in advance and practice

If you got the interview questions early, take the opportunity to prepare your answers so you can record your answers perfectly. Make sure that your answers are clear and concise.

If you are recording an interview video, practice many times so you can answer them in full confidence.

6. Dress accordingly

Even if you are not going to a formal interview, this interview will still count for your application. Dress like you are indeed going to an interview to make the right impression.

If you intend to dress up your top and lounge in your bottoms, do remember not to stand up and walk away from the camera.

7. Record in the right location

Aside from your clothes, you need to show to your employers you are taking this seriously. Record in a well-lit room and make sure your background is simple.

The best backdrop is against a white wall or a bookshelf. Some may say against a window but then again, if the sun beams into the window, your interviewer won’t be able to see you and also, you will not have any control as to whoever walk or fly past behind you.

No messy bedroom with clothes spewed all over the place, no misplaced dildos or water pipes or bongs. It doesn’t matter if weed is legalised in your states, just keep it away in a drawer.

Most importantly, lock your door! Pre-empt everyone that you are going to have an important video meeting in your room and they shouldn’t disturb you (unless the house is on fire). Lest, they keep banging on your door to be let in.

8. Be yourself

While recording your answers, be yourself and make the right cues to show that you are the one for the job. Practice and see what you have to fix if you need a boost.

If you are a funny guy, show some wit in your answers. If you are a data genius, throw in figures and numbers.

But don’t go overboard. If you are a die hard fan girl of Justin Bieber, don’t have your background plastered with his posters. Really, there is such thing as too much information.


One-way video interviews definitely changes the way we conduct interviews. However, even though you won’t be directly speaking to the employer on the other side does it mean you should not take it seriously. 

Always remember that you are applying for your dream job and your recorded interview will definitely make up a lot of points. Present yourself accordingly by preparing and you will definitely land that job you are applying for.

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Source: How to Handle One-Way Video Job Interviews