How To Stay Positive

It’s been more than 50 days that we are under lockdown. I personally haven’t gone out of my flat for almost two months now. There are days when I feel frustrated and negative. I feel irritated and all sorts of negative thoughts start to crawl in.

Today was one of those days. I just didn’t want to write, my mind was blocked and I couldn’t think of anything. I thought why not make a note of all the things we can do to keep negativity away from us. Negativity is the last thing we need right now.

One major misconception we have regarding staying positive is that we have to be happy. That is not true, we can be positive even when we are sad, or irritated or facing any challenge in life. It’s all about having hope and something to look forward to. It is not always possible to be happy!

Take Charge

When you are in the driver’s seat you can take control of where you want to go. Similarly our mind needs to be trained if we want to be the drivers of our lives.

Have you ever heard that little voice inside your head that keeps talking to you whether you ask for it or not? That’s your inner voice! Do not entertain any negative self talk with your inner self. The more you interact with it, the more powerful it becomes and it pushes you in that direction.

Make an effort to consciously tell your mind to not indulge in negative thoughts.

It happens to me as well. The more I interact with the negative thoughts in my head, the bigger it becomes. Eventually when I snap out of it, I realize, it was so useless.

So next time your inner voice tries to push negative thoughts to you, tell it to go to hell. ( I do this 😉 )

Make a Note

If you think you are getting a lot of negative thoughts and you are not able to take control, just slow down, breathe and make note of it. Try to write down all the thoughts you are getting. Trust me, if you do this, you will automatically realize what is going wrong. It will slow down your train of negative thoughts and give you a chance to analyze it.

Majority of the time, you would identify that the negative points you are writing down are based on some assumption, which is not even real!

Be Grateful

This is another way of keeping negative thoughts away from you. Practice gratitude! Be grateful of what you have. Look around, no matter the situation, there will still be something to be grateful for. Tell your mind about all the good things that you have and how thankful you are to have them, this will automatically push negativity out of the window.

If you like, you can even make a journal for it. This will come handy next time you feel negativity is trying to crawl in. Today I am grateful for the food I eat everyday, for my health and for being alive. Find out what you are grateful for!

Express Your Feelings

I have mentioned this in my earlier blog posts as well, communication is the key! You cannot keep everything to yourself, you got to let it out. Talk to your friends or your family or anyone who is close to you. Tell them about the thoughts you are getting. Once you let it out, you will feel a sense of relief, a positive feeling, which in turn will not allow any negativity to cloud your mind.

Beware of Negative Influencers

We meet a lot of people in our lifetime. Some have positive influence on us while some negative. We obviously cannot avoid meeting them, what we can do is be aware of the negative influencers and try to not let them affect us in any way.

Try to surround yourself with people who give you positive vibes. I have very strong thing for vibes. I even get vibes from a place or a thing. Excuse me! But, you can definitely try to judge the vibe you are getting from people while you are around them and choose the ones, who make you feel positive.

I guess, it is very normal to get negative thoughts in situation like these. All we need to remember is, it is not end of the world and have faith and hope.

Here’s hoping the tips were useful for you. Do let me know in the comments below if you liked any of the points above, or if you have any other ways to deal with negativity. I am feeling much better after writing this post!

Till the next post, stay positive! Stay healthy and safe!❤