London Waterloo Art Festival

For three year in a row my story has made it into the Waterloo Festival Short Story Anthology. This year’s theme was Transforming Communities. I had read an article about cobalt which is a silver-White magnetic metal that is used in our phones, cars and anything that uses a rechargeable battery. Cobalt is as precious as gold. It is only found in a small area of Africa and is sometimes mined by children and women. The area is so wealthy, but the people are so poor because they aren’t paid a living wage for the dirty, dangerous job they do.

Waterloo Art Festival 2018

A few days ago Gill James of Bridge House Publishing sent all the winners an email asking for a short video with us reading an extract from our piece. I spent most of this morning trying to make the video. Goodness knows how many retakes I did. Then when I finally made one I was happy with, I ran out of memory on my iPad. After clearing enough memory space I tried several more times to get one right. But this time I found I couldn’t send the file via email because it was too big. So once again, I had to cut out all the book promoting I hoped to include and reduce it down to just reading my extract of Cobalt Blues.

Waterloo Art Festival 2019

Then I had to try many times until I reduced the file small enough to send via the email. By this point I was getting fed up with the sound of my voice. I just hope Gill feels its good enough to use. I shall share the link with you when it’s available to see. Now it’s back to editing my novel Stone Angels. Have a wonderful day.. Keep Safe.