Story Collaboration: Chapter 6 Posted. (Anyone want to write Chapter 7?)

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Chapter One by Lucy

Chapter Two by Liyona

Chapter Three by James Strummer

Chapter Four by Matt Snyder

Chapter Five by Silver Stone

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Chapter 6 by DK.

“This is Steel Viper. Waiting for your command, Señor Sanchez”, I still didn’t know what was I saying or why was I saying that. I felt my body had become more stiffened than before. It was like I was given a dose of steroids. I was feeling heavy as well like my flesh and bones were replaced by metal. I didn’t feel any pain, though.

I saw a big screen switch itself on in front of me. A voice slowly gaining clarity.

“Welcome to the Gamma, Señor Charlie.” I could not see a face. Just a voice which was eerily sharp, or rather shrill and it was of a woman. Was it Venus? I thought. No, how could I even remember from what happened before? It seemed fuzzy. Amnesia just wasn’t fulfilling its satiation within me. Although my body had changed a lot, I was still harping on remembering what had happened until now. The last thing I remembered was Cracker snapped from behind and discarded out of context.

“We don’t usually choose one of ours for this mission that Gamma wants to fulfill. Standing out in the world of data base, data science and information, we aim to wipe out the entire history of mankind, from the mankind. We want to give the mankind a new history to live with. We will control the world economy, we will control the communications with space, and we will control medical and technological advancements. One global power will be there, The Gamma.”

Thud. A large bang was made and I came back to reality. It was for me to realize now that I was indeed trapped in a big web of deceit and lies. I lost all trust. The voice was not of Venus, but a woman I have heard somewhere before.

“I have a special mission for you, Charlie”, a man now said.

The voice was recognizable. It was Z. Damn, what have I got myself into? I stood still as Z continued.

“You have been installed with our latest development in the field of Integrated circuits. You see, right now the chip that has been installed within you will help you forget who you were, even your name, where you have been, your mother land and everyone else you ever came in contact with. As we speak, we are gaining access to all your medical conditions.

“Let me tell you, for a guy of 28, you have early signs of full blown dementia; we just registered that you have a mutation in your 21st chromosome’s long arm. Well, that does not concern me. You see, we are the first organization to have secretly built an imaginary connection with the Deep Web; we have hackers working to breach the network securities and firewalls in the White House, followed by their allies in India and South East Asia. We already have control over NASA’s live feed. They might be thinking that they are seeing what they are seeing, but it is actually what we are showing them that they are seeing.

“Finally, Google and Facebook too are now just dummies. We have all the information and we have created pseudo sites and servers where we are transferring this information somewhere In the South Pole. From tomorrow onwards, there will be no existence of them. Now, we also have installed another IC in your system in which we will reintegrate all this information, and then you will be transported to various countries where you will be cloning yourself, like key Government officials, top bureaucrats and so on.”

He stopped after revealing all of his sinister plans in one breath. I still couldn’t believe this. I started calculating my position here. They probably believe that my memory is a clean slate now. So they are under the impression that I can’t recognize any of them. But I can, I just don’t know how long I can retain whatever else I should remember.

My first confusion was, was Delano 618 and OPTIK GATE the same bloody organization? Were Richards and Z the same person? I wouldn’t be surprised. I decided to keep myself calm and I told myself that I will come out of this mess. I just had to know how long I had left before they send me off. And the last thing that ate my head off was where is this Gamma located? I wish I could have noticed the location, but it was just voices. Smart move, I thought to myself.

“I hope you are aboard here, Charlie—sorry, Viper,” he laughed after calling me out. I was still chained.

“Just one last thing,” the woman chimed again, “don’t try to be smart. You have 24 hours to prepare yourself for this or else we have a lot of other options.” Thud again, and the light dimmed on the screen.

I was taken back by two men who had seemingly been inspired from The Matrix’s outfit.

Once locked in the cell, I started planning something daring as well as trying to be smart. All my neurons started firing and I slowly started to plan how I could possibly avert this. Well, for starters I really need to know the main heads involved. I have a lot of questions still unanswered, I thought. I need to gain their trust and then deceive them, but it is not going to be easy.

In that pin drop silence, I heard some voices approaching. I guess I was locked inside some container, like the ones used to transport large chunk of consignments across countries. Maybe I was in the middle of the Atlantic, already being transported somewhere. I slowly moved, wary of any unwanted sound I would make. I stopped myself a yard away from the gate and I tried to listen to the voices outside.

“This Charlie is going to come around, right?” One man asked the other.

“Do you think he has any option left?” replied the other.

“He doesn’t leave us with any option, does he?”

“I bet by the time we reach our destination, he will be completely fine by then. He will be one of ours.”

I wish he said the name of the place I was headed. Slowly, I started feeling a little dizzy. But, I had to hold on; the conversation was still going on between the two men.

“Franz and Richards and Venus are just the greatest sinners of all time. These three guys will control the whole world, the whole of the free world pretty soon, trust me.”

This was a bombshell. What does he even mean by Franz and Richards and Venus are all the same? I had to get to the bottom of this but I couldn’t stand the buzzing anymore. I guess the chips and the drugs had started taking their effects; I was breathing heavily. I fell on the ground. I couldn’t keep my eyes open but before I dozed off, I heard a large honk, something that sounded like a foghorn.