Friday Favorites August 14

I don’t think I taxed your brains and spirits too much this week…don’t worry…I’ll try harder next week…

But for today- random favorites of mine! Feel free to play any way you want!

  1. Favorite Song You’re Embarrassed to Like: Oh, I love cheesy pop music just as much as I like other tunes- but we will go with “I Think I Love You” by The Partridge Family, followed by “Sugar Sugar” by The Archies
  2. Favorite Thing to do at the Beach: Sit in a chair under an umbrella with a book and a cold beverage
  3. Favorite Thing about a rainy day: Sitting by a window watching the rain while reading a book with a hot beverage
  4. Favorite Professional Athlete– John McEnroe
  5. Favorite Halloween Costume You’ve Worn– Ok- not big on the dress up thing- but in college I dressed as a smurf (with two other friends)- and as I’ve admitted this, I will say that I saw this really cute guy at a party when I was dressed as a smurf but didn’t want to talk to him as smurf, and then a few months later I saw the guy again and he came up to me and said “Hey- weren’t you one of the smurfs?” And then I burst into flames…
  6. Favorite Soap Scent- would anyone be surprised if I said Lavender?
  7. Favorite Baby Boy Name: Michael.
  8. Favorite Cookie: soft and chewy ginger molasses
  9. Favorite Leonardo Dicaprio movie: “Wolf of Wall Street”
  10. Favorite Foreign Band/Artist: So many! Hmmmm U2, Adele, Queen, Beatles, etc