The Ideal Education System

Education is the best wealth among all. No one can steal it, no one can snatch it. As one consumes, it increases. As one shares, it expands.

Sanskrit Shloka

Hello, fellow Mumblers! I’m back with a new post! Read along and let me know what your favourite part was, in the comments section below! Much love!❤

From ancient times, India has always been the land of knowledge seekers. This is why it had the Gurukul system of learning. The students or ‘shishya’ would live in with their ‘guru’ i.e. teacher in small groups. Each of the students’ cognitive and emotional needs were catered to, individually by the gurus. The ‘ashram’ where they stayed would also help in making them self-sufficient through experiential learning.

Thus, for me, an ideal education system would be one, where the core tenet is ‘inside out’ rather than ‘outside in’. In such a system, students will be able to expand their horizons and not be constricted into a mould of certain subjects forced upon them.

However, this does not mean that the usage of modern technology should be shunned. Rather, state of the art computerised aids must be integrated with the ancient system to provide holistic development to children.

Such a system must focus not only on enriching the knowledge base but also on keeping the children physically and mentally in good shape.

In saying this, I heartily welcome the new education policy being introduced in India to get our education system at par with the ones abroad.


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