My Relationship Reflection

Having relationships with people in your life, such as close family members, friends, church members, or those in the work environment can help you to maintain a healthy and comfortable life. At times you just need someone around you who will know and love you for who you are and would lend you that listening ear and strong shoulder to cry on without having to break you down more than you would be, especially at your lowest point in time of trials and tribulations. This can help you to relieve your mind from whatever you may be going through, and it gives you a sense of belonging instead of having to pay money to see a psychologist for your problem. 

Since I’ve grown to know myself, I have always had helping hands, and strong shoulders to lean on when I found my back against the wall. I never felt like I am alone in any situation because I have a very strong support system around me, especially my family members. Even if we did not always get along, we always try to find that common ground to share that love, care, trust, respect and support towards each other. However, because of my foundational supportive team members, I am able to give back that same support towards the children, their parents and coworkers I am associated with on a daily basis. 

Some of the people with whom I currently have positive relationships and partnerships with are my family members such as, my son, my parents, siblings, aunt, uncle, cousins, grandparents and most of all my Fiance. I also keep a close trusting and healthy relationship with some of my church members, especially the young ladies that I dance with in my dance group, my praise group at church, my mentor mothers and my pastor. Having a very healthy and confidential communication with these people in my life gives me a very good and amazing spiritual feeling, especially when I need someone to talk to when I am not feeling like myself. 

Challenges to developing and maintaining relationships that I have learned from experience over time is to understand the way and mindset of others because everyone is not the same and people think differently depending on the circumstances thrown at them. Some people like to be the center of attention to be heard by others and some just prefer to have their life in private to deal with things on their own. Pride is something that takes control over a lot of people because it can turn into being in control at all times, not even trying to seek help when they really need it no matter what. It can also cause one to become hard headed to always wanting to know they are always in the right even when they are in the wrong. At this point, it’s about having a self reflect and self talk reminding yourself that you need to at all time consider the next person’s feelings and put yourself in the other person’s shoes to have a clear understanding. 

The special characteristics of these relationships that make partnerships is being honest, trustworthy, professional, open, respectful and supportive as possible to those around you. You do not want to come off as being nonchalant and heartless to make matters worse. 

My experiences with relationships/partnerships, including my ability to be an active, reflective contributor, which will  impact my work as an effective early childhood professional is by becoming more proactive with working through situations with those not so close to me. It can help me to gain more social skills in my life as an educator, a mother, sister, daughter, granddaughter,  niece, wife, friend and a person in general to whom I may become acquainted with in years to come.