Old Age

“Did you see my skin?
Did you notice my wrinkles?
I don’t matter to everyone like before.
I rarely get attention;
and sometimes not at all unless I ask.
I don’t run to the kitchen these days,
as I couldn’t do that with this energy.
My joints ache so badly,
but I don’t complain to anyone.
I slip down most of the time,
because I’m not able to balance myself.
I wear a simple faded cotton jacket on my lose skin.
My muscles shrunk;
my hair turned grey;
I started losing my memory.
The scars are the deep wounds inside my heart that nobody listens to.
I still remember that pretty face when I was eighteen.
I have surplus amount of love for my family,
but sometimes I break down as my days come to an end.
I long for peace;
but mental agony of loneliness haunts me.
I want to live so much here forever,
and unfortunately there are a handful of medicines on my table.
I’m preparing myself for the last day.
Please don’t cry when I leave, but miss me at least once sometime.
Maybe when you see my bed empty,
or when you see my walking stick on the corner of a wall,
or when you look at a family group photo,
or when you see my favourite old song.
I love you all.” ❤

© Yashica Priya

Emotional Blockage of a Single Mother

(Suggested by a friend)

Here’s to a single mother, who is emotionally depressed and mentally getting stronger.
Oh, she is beautiful and simple.
Pretty by face and more beautiful by heart.
Life shouldn’t had done this,
so cruelly.
The hands that’s been holding her wasn’t there anymore.
A sudden struggle with the flow of regular lifestyle.
She’s now the one who wipes the tears of her children when she herself is crying to sleep peacefully.
She wakes up in the middle of night to check if everyone is fine.
She accidentally dials to her husband, and then realises he’s no more.
She doesn’t eat healthy, yet prefers to make the best meal.
She’s killed alive with the sympathetic gaze from others.
Left all alone, to raise her daughter.
She blames herself for no reason.
Something often reminds her of her husband, and she simply wipes away her silent tears before anyone could see.
A sense of a strong soul is always around her.
The passionate presence of their past togetherness.
She loved dressing up in her man’s favourite colour saree, but now she’s hiding them all inside the wardrobe.
“She leads a normal life now”, everyone says.
No I don’t; I really don’t“, she whispers to her heart.
She takes care of an entire family without a support system.
She developed all the superpowers to build a happy paradise.
Is it their daughter’s fault to had missed her Hero?
Maybe it’s time for her to be the woman of the beloved family which her dad always wanted her to be, because she deserves nothing less, now or anytime later.

A feeling of compassion?
No; not at all.
I’m so proud of them.
Both of them are just Angels without wings.
So much love, dedication, simplicity, and hardwork. It surely would pay them miracles and blessings in future. ❤
Few people leave us soon because the world doesn’t deserve good people here. 🙂

© Yashica Priya

Nobody is Ever too Old

Growing old doesn’t mean your age. It means how strongly you handle emotions, how politely you ignore flaws, how silently you cry, how patiently you react, how sincerely you take relationships, how gracefully you help others, and how maturely you accept failures and being hatred.

You grow young, not old. 🙂

© Yashica Priya

The Power of Mind | Positive Thinking

It is your ability to change your mind from the negative flaws to a positive betterment. In general, every individual would have faced at least one regretful incident that hadn’t had a cure at all. I also cognise that few things in life cannot be forgotten. The trace of pain remains the same. It always reminds something about the injury. But I also believe that it is only the capability of your mindset that will change you forever in a more preferable way how you wanted to be. I’m not sure how many have come across the theory about “Psychokinesis”. It is a mental activity of mind power which can make an object move with the help of thoughts. But, there are certain constrains. It cannot happen just like that. First, you got to train your mind for it, to be powerful and concentrating. It needs huge amount of patience, belief, and practice. Although most of the researches have not proved this yet, there are few beliefs that have testified it. I suppose that our capacity to heed something starts from us. I read this book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, which talks about the real-life miracles people experienced. Apart from that, from an article I went through, one true narration that hit my mind deep was about a man whose spinal cord was completely injured in an accident, and doctors gave no hope to get back his old days. Yet, he believed, in himself. He did not mind about what the world said about his ill condition. Instead, he trusted himself the most, saying he will be all set to rock the next year, the same day. He tried a lot, put so much effort as he can, made the impossible happen. He believed nobody but his own thoughts. He trained his mind to bring himself back. As his perspectives came true, he got back to his normal position which placed everyone in shock.

That is what I mean to say. Coach your mind to make you become the best.

Let you have control over your head. You will definitely have many barriers or negativity striking your mind at your first lead off. We will even be surrounded with questions, “How? Why this? Impossible”. Ignore all what-if questions because how you take it further will define your output. It is all about you, only you.
One strong faith can gift you miracles.

© Yashica Priya

Take Care of Yourself, Dear Women

Best ways for Women to take care of themselves.

Women, after a certain period of time, become physically weak as they undergo various body changes. It is important to take care of oneself with depending on others almost all the time.
Stress, depression, weakness, joint problems, hairfall, and much more are a few reasons.
Here are the simple ways which can serve you with ease at the worst.
One of the main things is, don’t get addicted to medicine or tablets. People today are blindly taking medicine without doctors’ advice and by very easily getting it from pharmacy. Please don’t do that at all. If you have a headache/stomach ache, take few home remedies that you already knew. Consuming medicine for every simple thing will cage you in a comfort zone, and by keep on doing that, your body wouldn’t allow the automatic healing process as well in the later stages of life. Because, the hormonal changes in a woman’s body play a major role at different ages. The medicine they took at their 30s wouldn’t work at their 40s. Everything depends.
The best way is to have a proper diet, by taking more vegetables and fruits. Eat vegetables that are rich in iron and fiber.
Get enough sleep. Be stress-free. I know it is hard in today’s routine, but be sure to put health before anyone or anything. Also talk to the men in your house to give you the peace and health you deserve. Because more than anything, it requires a man’s stability to take care of a woman forever.

Have a great day all. ❤

© Yashica Priya

Time Changes Everything

Never have your heads above when you win, and don’t have your heads down when you lose. Because, failure means you yet have an other opportunity, and success means you still have lots to do. Don’t work till you can but till you die.

© Yashica Priya

Time to Think! Today’s Generation

How mature are we?

Taking the case of a friendship, may be it is all about understanding each other’s differences, as usually said. Yes it is. But, someone who always supports and pampers you is definitely not a good friend but the one who talks to you about your mistakes and moulds you is. “He/she had been in my worst times. They are the reason why I’m here today. They are the best thing in my life”. I know there are few good friends in everyone’s life. But making them a priority at every place is never healthy. Meanwhile, if you get married or be in a relationship at a point in life, there comes the disturbance or misunderstanding between the partners. You don’t have to give up on friends but balancing is way too important. If there is no tendency to manage both of them equally, it is better not to engage into a relationship or marriage life. I’m not talking friendship is bad but priorities do matter a lot. Your life partner should always be the on the first place, no matter how bad your fights are going on. But why are there so much fights? The first reason is lack of communication. The next thing is the lack of concern (as I said, being happy with someone by making other one cry is a worthless life). I have seen a few people with attitude “Why would I change? You have no rights to control me. Who the hell are you to do so?”. There is nothing wrong being like this in life, UNTIL you get a partner. Respect him/her now and be respected later. Because if you have no intentions of changing or sacrificing (permanently), don’t give any false promise relationship to anybody (sacrificing means leaving something permanently). May be you are strong enough to lead your own life, but the other person was completely dependent on you much longer and leaving them like a trash and not minding at all sets you to be an example of a perfect lesson. “Any true relationship is about accepting the way they are. You see your own self there. And that is how it goes”. Who said? It is about reforming the person into something better. But few don’t wish to become better. If your partner says that something hurts them, stop it. That is where you respect them. Doing things behind or when they are not with you, or trying to get a relief for temporary sake in their absence, is called cheating your own life with someone later in future. I’m very sorry to say that there are many dumb people calling themselves as “friends”. How sarcastically they say, “You senseless. He/She is my friend”. Don’t think that you have so much brains. If they had really been a good friend, it would had been their duty to make their friends understand where they go wrong. Jumping around calling that as 10years friendship is literally funny. Hanging out and selfies won’t make a good friendship. When you cannot reshape your friend to a better person, better live alone rather than spoiling them. If someone comes behind you for anything and nothing, it is worthless to get annoyed unnecessarily. If you take it as annoyance, it is. If you take it as love, it is. Deciding this will show who you are. Decide what you are. Being mature is a matter of choice. Everything comes with experience. So let it. Now or later or never. Depends on you.

If this had hurt someone’s feelings, sorry.
If it really made sense, many thanks!

© Yashica Priya

Heart and Soul


(Just a thought)

She sat in the corner of the room,

asking where her happiness died.

The hunger of joy giving less hopes to life.

She cried to herself, all day long.

Nobody lent their ears,

adding injury to her fears.

Left alone and all alone,

she was paid a penny to her thoughts, at the drop of a hat.

Beating around the bush, changing pain into pleasure,

she felt honoured to be his last wish.

She stopped weeping over the split milk,

as her Prince charm costed an arm and a leg in a time of blink. 💋

© Yashica Priya