Long Time, No Sea

Summer Break in Full Effect

I just returned from a two-week visit with my parents in the Sunshine State. 

Summertime Fine.

It was a chilled-out vacation with a visit from our family who lives in Morgantown, WV.  We were game ready for the NBA Finals. 

Dad, Aunt Shelia, Jameer, Taylor, Kelsie, Sidney, Uncle Danny

I skipped the few running races that were in the area.  It feels good not to be in training mode and to exercise simply for the health benefits.  Besides the usual shopping, dining out, concerts, etc., I wanted to explore some of the Florida beaches that I have never visited. 

Honeymoon Island State Park

My Mom and I drove to Honeymoon Island State Park which is off the coast of Dunedin, Florida.  This park was packed with boats, jet skis, kayaks, cyclists and walkers.

Honeymoon Island has a few beach areas to choose from.  One beach allows pets if they are on a leash.  The Oasis Beach was the most crowded.  It was interesting to see how narrow the shoreline was compared to other Florida beaches.

Honeymoon Island State Park Main Beach
Honeymoon Island Oasis Beach

Another area of Honeymoon Beach is covered in rocks that are sure to ruin a pedicure or cause injury.  Despite the rougher terrain, people made their way to the north side of this area for safer swimming.

Caladesi Island

The Caladesi Island beaches were much nicer than Honeymoon Island.  We watched the boats come and go in the Gulf of Mexico.   

I wanted to get my steps in for a Go365 challenge.  I walked south until the sand disappeared.  My Mom enjoyed the 86 degree gentle waves.

Walking South on Caladesi Island
Fun Fact: The White Ibis spends most of the day eating and resting. Less than an hour per day is spent flying.
Some brush I climbed over in order to continue walking another 50 yards.

Caladesi Island has a nature trail that started off all cute when I saw a gopher tortoise minding its business.  Things turned ugly when I was attacked by mosquitoes. There was also signage to warn of rattlesnakes. I only made it about 15 yards into the trail before I ran out.

Caladesi Island Nature Trail.

I can cross these two Florida beaches off of my list.

Mom getting off of the ferry.

“If you never go, you will never know.”

Kelsie Lou

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Blog Anniversary ✨❤️

BEYOND THE END turns 2 today. ✌
A very memorable and wise path so far. It’s all because of Her I’m here today. So many writings, articles, poetries, which gave me name and happiness! It’s good when people see me after so long and don’t ask about me but my blog! I’m so happy that my blog has impacted so many ✨ The real sunshine of my life. I literally want to do more of it and go beyond miles. I haven’t been blogging frequently for a while, but I’ve decided to give it a full shot again and start with the same effort. Thank you all for loving my contents and encouraging me to become what I’m today. I love you all. ❤
Reached 1.1K followers, and now to continue further with 170 posts. More to go🥰
Love & Peace.

~ Yashica Priya ✨

‘Coz I wanted to talk on this!

So. This was one post I came across recently.
The first lame question on it is, “Still you think Girls are weak?”
Dear girls,
First of all, nobody call us weak. There are most of the men who admire women, their hardships, their sacrifices, and their responsibilities. No part in your body is weak except your mind that enables you to question again and again “Do you call us weak? Are we just this and are we just that?” and so many as such. Please! You’re strong and everyone knows it. Stop expecting anyone to describe your strength. Talk about it with pride instead of questioning your own capability. Chill. You’re stronger than men. Not weak at all. Cool.

Well, the content of the post is just a part. The major part in the screenshot is the comment. It seems women are “bragging” over their periods and pregnancy.
How firm and talented!
Hold on.
@Varsha Kadam.
I understand that these are the common pain that woman has to undergo as she’s left with no choice. Describing about these pains are not “bragging”, as you say. Life of a girl changes very frequently. It is not that easy. “We have it because we’re built like that and definitely not an achievement.” True. Maybe it’s called “bragging” to your sixth sense. But I call it a sense of “gratification” and “fulfilment”. You have the difference here. If men could “brag” about their first Goa trip, their first own car, their first booze with friends, their first onsite offer, I think women “bragging” just about their periods and pregnancy is no big deal. It is not a fuss. It is basic.
Men change cities for job but they don’t change families. They don’t have to bend to rules from a random family.
Not a sharp point from you, girl. It’s a tight slap you’ve given for yourself.
It is so sick to see women downgrading other women. Shame! No need to support. But at least shut up.

© Yashica Priya