Back to School!

Hi guys and welcome back to How to: School! This week marks that very first week back at school since the start of the lockdown! I hope that you are all just as happy as I am to get back to some kind of normal!

Anyway, my school wasted no time in giving me 2 pieces of homework on the first day back – and 2 bits of homework for me to do this weekend! But, on top of this, I would recommend getting into the habit of doing half an hour to an hour of revision each day for GCSEs!

Today (Saturday) has been really hard for me – it has taken me 4 and a half hours to complete my art homework today! And I still have my biology test to revise for, and 2 hours of GCSE revision to do, and I would like to continue to develop my own sculpture for art and well!

Let me know in the comments any issues/experiences that you have all had in the first 2 days back at school!