Readers Write In #370: The Josef Stalin Story

(by G Waugh) DISCLAIMER: This essay is a humble attempt to recount whatever I had read recently in historian Isaac Deutscher’s definitive book- Stalin, A Political Biography. There will be plenty of events here which I have discussed already in my series of essays in this blog titled The Russian Revolution. I really request my […]

Radha Mohan’s ‘Malaysia To Amnesia’ (Vaibhav Reddy, Vani Bhojan), on ZEE5, is a bunch of lame jokes woven around an adulterer

Spoilers ahead… Text: Malaysia To Amnesia is the kind of film where the joke is someone mispronouncing Alzhiemer’s as ‘algebra’. There are four major characters in the film. Arun (Vaibhav) is a successful businessman and his wife, Suja (Vani Bhojan), is a homemaker; they also have a cute little kid. There’s Mannar (MS Bhaskar), their uncle, […]

Karthik Rapolu’s ‘Ek Mini Katha’ (Santosh Shobhan, Kavya Thapar), on Amazon Prime, is a barely okayish watch about a man who thinks he has a small penis

Spoilers ahead… Text: In Ek Mini Katha, Santhosh (Santhosh Shoban) plays Santhosh, a man who thinks that he has a small penis, and this gives him a complex. There’s a scene that shows Santhosh as a college student: his girlfriend invites him to her house to have sex but later kicks him out. The assumption is […]