Celebrating Blog Anniversary with a party

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It’s been 3 years since I have been blogging. In the beginning  had no idea about the blogging world. And today, when I look back and see how far I have come with my wonderful blogger friends, I wish I could meet them personally specially with whom I have regular interaction.

This is my 219th post. Maybe have published not much in these last three years but I have tried to interact with the readers with best of my efforts and didn’t wanted to hamper the content quality.

THANK YOU to all my friends who made this impossible journey possible. You guys showered endless love and supported my writings. Encouraged me.

This time I have thought to host A BLOG PARTY here on MY BLOG for completing 3 years.

When and where :

Blog party would be from TODAY i.e from 13th April till 16th of April i.e for three days. On my blog post www.myexpressionofthoughtsblog.wordpress.com 

I invite all the bloggers new and old blogger friends out here to participate and enjoy. I want all my guests to share their thoughts, ideas and make party interesting and interactive.

Since blogging is for 3 Days I would like my blogger friends not only to introduce themselves and also mention :

  1. Blog name and link to your blog post.
  2. What inspired you blogging and what is your blog about?
  3. From how long have you been blogging?
  4. Since now a days we all are in quarantine period. Wish to share your experiences.
  5. What blogging have taught you? Have it effected or changed your life in some way?
  6. Any one of your post which is close to your heart and why?

I would love it if my lovely readers can give few minutes and answer few of my questions about my blog as a feedback:

  1. What you like most about my blog?
  2. Any changes or improvement in my blogging?
  3. Any post that have encouraged anyone specifically?
  4. Any questions you have in mind that you wish to ask.

To start with mine, those who don’t know me, my name is Tanvir. Have been blogging since 13th April 2017. My blog is well-known as beauty lies within yourself.  Site title beauty lies within yourself had thought this name as I believed internal beauty is more important than outer beauty. URL address being www.myexpressionofthoughts.wordpress.com as I needed a platform where I could express my views and thoughts and at the same time discuss and express with others too. In simple terms healthy communication is always a two-way communication. I believe to be a blogger in a writing world one doesn’t needs to be a professional writer.  I am not a writer but my aim was to express my thoughts in simple language so that it could reach number of readers , creating not only interest in reading but hope could create positivity and be source of encouragement. Blogging have definitely taught me that’s it’s not necessary to be together to stay in touch.

It’s been 3 weeks since we have been quarantine. Beginning was little difficult. As was in a  bit fear of how we are going to be during the locked down period with minimum access to the world. Boredom and monotonous. A worry in mind, how life is going to be once things are stable? As time is moving, I am enjoying being in peace. After long time sensed the feeling of being in silence. Quality time with family.  Also by the end of the day wish for things to be fine as the whole world is going through tough time.

For every blogger all post shared are special. Relationships!! this post was my first post when I started blogging and had re posted it later on. For me this topic is special because where people are losing in touch with each other, I wanted to share the importance of relationships in my life whom I value a lot.

I welcome all my lovely bloggers and enjoy the party.introduce yourself and also interact with other bloggers too. Don’t forget to pop in the link of other bloggers too.