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A path that removes darkness and brightness your future with knowledge.

Take education as a gift and not as burden.

Ask those who are deprived from it because of the circumstances.

For those who can’t knock the doors of school,

Look beyond it’s doors.

As the world is your biggest teacher.

Education grows with your willingness to learn,

The world have a lot in store to bestow upon you.

It’s just you have to look around and find the correct basket.


#FOWC with Fandango – Education


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Time is too precious to waste.

No moment is precious than the moment you are living.

Don’t spoil your time with the wishes which you don’t have.

Remember what you have now was once you wished for.

Rejoice the moment before it’s missed.

Often we wait for the right time to fulfil our desires.

But there is no right time.

Whatever you wish to do, do it right now

Time will not stop for anyone.

There’s always a new beginning ,

And that beginning is now.

Word of the day challenge – NOW


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Sometimes being lonely doesn’t scare me,

What scares me the most is when I will open my eyes again,

I will see the pain and remorse again around me.

Where emotions are draining, people adding no meaning to life.

Selfishness, greed for power is over powering the soul.

Sometimes wish to say goodbye with no explanations.

Ready to pack up and disappear.

And start a new beginning with new hopes, adding value to the new existence.


Word of the day Challenge :- Disappear