I wasn’t born with a silver spoon- Nigerian song star, CaZe

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Nigerian star, Habeeb Opeyemi Kazeem, popularly known as CaZe Montana, said despite his current status as a successful artiste, he was never born into a rich family. CaZe Montana said: “First of all, let me clarify; because I know a lot of people will say he is from a rich home, he is this orContinue reading "I wasn’t born with a silver spoon- Nigerian song star, CaZe"

Thoughts of An Introvert while doing things

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Hope you and your family are healthy and safe. In this post let’s have a look at things that you will totally relate to if you are an introvert. These are the thoughts of an introvert during various situations.

1. When your phone rings:

**thoughts** : Pleaseeee just stop ringing yourself. I just don’t want to pick you up. Please, please just stop ringing.

1.1 When the phone stops ringing itself
**thoughts** Phew!! Such a relief.
Few seconds later:
Should I call back? Or should I not? If I don’t call back, will it be rude? But, if I call back what would I say…oh god what to do!!

2. When you have to talk/ask something from an unknown person:

**thoughts**: Should I go or should not not? I wish they come to me and then I could ask them what I needed to ask.
*Infinite hours later**
Still thinking of the ways you could do your thing without asking the other person. And framing your sentences in your mind in case you will have to talk to them.

3. When your school/college is having extempore or any assignment where you have to speak:

**thoughts**: You wish this day has never existed and want this assignment to be replaced with any written one. Read more

“If You no Run Mad, I be Bastard” – Man Leaves Lady After she had 28 Abortions for him

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A lady has taken to Twitter to threaten to make sure that a certain man known as Kunle will go mad after she has over twenty eight (28) abortions for him and he later declined to marry her, his excuse being that she is four years older than he is. The story which was sharedContinue reading "“If You no Run Mad, I be Bastard” – Man Leaves Lady After she had 28 Abortions for him."