Some helpful facts about plants in my house: Part 2

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Hi guys,

How are you all? Hope you are safe and in the comfort of your homes.

So, Firstly, let me welcome all of you to part 2 of this type of blog post. This post is all about the beautiful roses.

So, Everyone of us have seen roses and I know you just love them the moment your eyes meets them. And they are of several varieties. And each one of them is equally beautiful.

Well, I have never seen a black roses in real life. And I really want to see them. So, do tell me how does it looks if you have seen one.

So, like most of us even I have a rose plant in my house. And I was awestruck by how much helpful it is for us humans.

You may be wondering how roses helps humans? Don’t worry. Let’s find out.

1. Roses are used as an essential oil:

To begin with let me tell you the essential oil extracted using roses have so many benefits such as it decreases anxiety and stress and also provides relief from menstrual discomfort.

2. Roses are used as a skin care product:

Well, undoubtedly everyone is aware of gulab-jal (Rose Water) which is made from roses. Also, there are plenty of other skin care products too that use roses. Read more