Top 10 Song Lyrics My Kids Are Straight Up Wrong About

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Anna Dusseau | 1st May 2020

Do you guys follow Andi and his kids at Diary of a Gay Dad? If not, get on it because these guys are hilarious. Earlier this week, Andi wrote a post about giving away his age by listening to a bit of 80s Ska revival and this got me thinking about what we listen to and the fantastic remixes I end up hearing at bathtime.. At the risk of giving everything away (age being the very least of it) here’s a rundown of the Top 10 Song Lyrics My Kids Are Straight Up Wrong About right now. Radio edit only, people. Click the links and get your twerk on. Happy Friday!

1) Go Charlie, it’s your birthday.

Takes ‘Fiddy’ from the Bronx to the nice side of Bristol as fast as you can say Wagamama.

2) It’s a carrot still hit ma phone up.

Love Yourself - Wikipedia

I feel like the carrot doughnuts are where you went wrong in the first place, Justin. Girls just want Netflix and a jar of Nutella.

3) Went to a dance, lookin’ for a man.

45cat - The Beach Boys - Barbara Ann - Capitol - Australia

100% not the original lyrics, but why not? I think Years and Years should cover it.

4) Do It Like a Monday, Monday..

Do It like a Dude - Wikipedia

Oh, whaaaaaat? You guys are never going to see Monday the same way, now.

5) She was a skater boy; she said see you later, boy..

Sk8er Boi - Wikipedia

Many levels of confusing. The noughties wasn’t ready for this version.

6) I just want your extra time and not…this!

Kiss (Prince song) - Wikipedia

Mummy trying to snog the face off daddy every time this comes on is like water off a duck’s back to my lot. Who knows what ‘this’ is, but they seem quite adamant about it. I daren’t ask.

7) South Central does it like no buzzy buzz!

This Is How We Do It - Wikipedia

..and it seems like, if only South Central were down with the buzzy buzz, they’d probably be loving it!

8) Mr Bombastic, covered in plastic, got a chubby bum and a special word.

Boombastic (song) - Wikipedia

I mean, wow. Where to begin? There’s nowhere to begin.

9) Slime and snails, and puppy dogs’ tails, tambourine-liking (and baby said?)

Magic Dance - Wikipedia

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any weirder.

10) Hey doctor, I got this freezer inside of me..

Doctor Pressure - Wikipedia

Oh, god! How awful! How did it..? Are you sure you’re okay?

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