How To Express Your Love

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Expression is something that does not come easy to a lot of us! Not everyone is as expressive as you would expect them to be. Hence, as a result, a lot of people struggle in their relationships. It leads to a lot of misunderstanding and confusion.

I personally am a very expressive person. By that, I mean, If I am sad, happy, in love, in pain, you would know it. It’s literally written on my face or the way I am behaving. But on the other hand, my husband is not very expressive. I have to literally use my sixth sense to understand if he is sad or happy.

A lot of people may disagree with this thought and say, why do we always have to say things? Well, of course not! you don’t always have to say things, there are other ways to express as well. The problem is not expressing at all! I wrote an article sometime back on How to Express Yourself.

If you struggle with not being able to express love to someone you absolutely adore, I have few tips inline for you! 🙂

Disclaimer: these ideas are based on my personal experiences in life and can be used to express love to anyone, your parents, your partners, your children, your siblings, your friends !!

Plan a Surprise!

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Well, let’s accept it, we all love an amazing surprise , specially when it is coming from someone you love.

You can surprise your loved ones with anything you think they would like or that will make them feel special. For example a surprise birthday party, or a surprise trip, or may be just a simple dinner at home.

Make them feel that you took out some time to plan and execute something.

Spend Some Quality Time Together

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Nothing more special then your loved ones giving you some quality time!

When you take out time for someone that itself means and shows how much you care about that person. So, take out some time and spend it together. Quality time can always do wonders! It will strengthen your bond and relationship.

Do Something The Other Person Likes

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There could be some things your loved one always wanted to do but could not, probably because it is not in the common interest. It happens in almost every relationship, it is called adjustment.

First step, try to find out what is that your special someone likes a lot, but never gets a chance to do it. Next, plan to do that together.

For example, if your loved one loves watching movies, you can arrange a movie night and watch it together for once, so that they feel special! 🙂

Appreciate Them

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In our busy life and daily routine, we somewhere forget to appreciate that special someone. Ask yourself, when was the last time you said thank you to your parents? When was the last time you appreciated your partner for being there for you?

I know, we forget, sometimes we even feel it is not important. Well guess what? It is important! It means a lot when someone appreciates you for your effort. Just like how you love it when your boss appreciates you at work. Similarly, when you just say, “Thank you mom for preparing food for me” or “Thank you love for always being there” or “you look amazing”, it means a lot!

So appreciate people in your life and make them feel loved and important.

Small Tip: Next time your partner gets ready for some event, don’t forget to tell them how amazing they look! 😉

Just Say It!

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Now all the other ways are not literally saying anything, but doing stuff to make the other person feel special. However, if you are someone who likes to speak up, then nothing better!

Saying out loud that you love someone or how special they are for you is the direct and best way of communicating your love, respect and care for someone. So, make sure you let that special one know that you love them. There is no harm in calling up your partner or your children or your parents and just saying, “I love you!” or “I miss you!”. Do not shy away.

If you don’t really like to talk one on one, you can maybe write a letter. I know it is a lost art, but still, you can do that. Letters are so effective and emotional way of expression. This shows you took out time and wrote something special. It could even be a birthday or anniversary card. 🙂

Hope this post was helpful in some way. :)Thanks a lot for taking out time and reading this article.

Please let me know your feedback in the comments below. I would love to know if you could relate to any of the points above or if you have any other ways in which we can express love towards someone?

Till next time, stay safe! Take care!

How To Pamper Yourself

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When was the last time you did something to make yourself happy?

It is a fact that somewhere somehow we take ourselves granted. Most of the time we are concerned about pampering others or making them happy. With my personal experience, sometimes I have done things not because it pleases me, but because it pleases someone else.

Is it okay to ignore yourself?

You will find most people complaining about others not loving them, or others not pampering them, when in fact it is you who is ignoring yourself.

I have talked about how important it is to love yourself in one of my previous blogs: How To Start Loving Yourself. Do check it out if you have time.

In this article, I am going to lay down few ways in which you can pamper yourself.

Cook something you like

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Given the quarantine life, everyone is suddenly interested in cooking! I receive a minimum of 10 food pictures on my whatsapp everyday. This somewhere compels me as well to cook something nice 😛

What I mean with this point is, cook one meal of your choice. Cook something that you love eating, but haven’t got chance to eat/cook it because your partner/parent/roommate does not like it. Ditch what everyone likes and cook something that makes you happy.

Or if you are someone who doesn’t like to cook, then buy yourself a treat! Like an ice cream or a chocolate or anything that you like.

Indulge in Self Grooming

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I know, you are very busy and have a lot of work pressure. Or you have kids and never get time to look after yourself. Take some time out for self grooming. Trust me it is very important. Most of the time we don’t give importance to self grooming as we should. Remember, if you feel good, you look good!

Bursting one myth, grooming is not only for woman! Yes, that’s right. Regardless of what gender you are, try to take care of yourself. It could be a simple skincare routine that you follow everyday or filing your nails or cutting your hair. Do it!

Spend some money on yourself

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Is there something that you always wanted, but never really bought it?

I have noticed one thing, we for some reason have a guilt factor when buying something special for us. I remember few years back, I would spend a fortune on gifting something to someone else, but not on myself. I would think thousand times before spending something on myself. Let me know if you also have this intuition.

Now, I have got rid of that guilt factor. I mean, why not? If I work my ass off to earn, why can’t I splurge a little in buying what I like? So, do that. Gift yourself something! Buy something for yourself for once.

I have seen my parents not caring about their needs at all and always buying stuff for us. Parents are always giving, but if you think about it, that sometimes somewhere can trigger unhappiness and frustration in us. After all we all are human, we all have needs. And only when you are truly happy from inside, you will be able to make others happy as well.

Take a day OFF

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If you are working or not, take a day off from your daily work. Make it your day. Do whatever you like. Take a long bath, go for a Spa (after the lockdown of-course!), just Netflix and chill, or just sleep if you like! Do whatever that makes you feel better, re energizes you.

We just need to be kinder to ourselves. If we treated ourselves the way we treated our best friend, can you imagine how much better off we would be? ” -Meghan Markle

I hope you liked the suggestions to pamper yourself, do let me know if you would like to try any of these. What is your way of pampering yourself?

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How To Stay Positive

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It’s been more than 50 days that we are under lockdown. I personally haven’t gone out of my flat for almost two months now. There are days when I feel frustrated and negative. I feel irritated and all sorts of negative thoughts start to crawl in.

Today was one of those days. I just didn’t want to write, my mind was blocked and I couldn’t think of anything. I thought why not make a note of all the things we can do to keep negativity away from us. Negativity is the last thing we need right now.

One major misconception we have regarding staying positive is that we have to be happy. That is not true, we can be positive even when we are sad, or irritated or facing any challenge in life. It’s all about having hope and something to look forward to. It is not always possible to be happy!

Take Charge

When you are in the driver’s seat you can take control of where you want to go. Similarly our mind needs to be trained if we want to be the drivers of our lives.

Have you ever heard that little voice inside your head that keeps talking to you whether you ask for it or not? That’s your inner voice! Do not entertain any negative self talk with your inner self. The more you interact with it, the more powerful it becomes and it pushes you in that direction.

Make an effort to consciously tell your mind to not indulge in negative thoughts.

It happens to me as well. The more I interact with the negative thoughts in my head, the bigger it becomes. Eventually when I snap out of it, I realize, it was so useless.

So next time your inner voice tries to push negative thoughts to you, tell it to go to hell. ( I do this 😉 )

Make a Note

If you think you are getting a lot of negative thoughts and you are not able to take control, just slow down, breathe and make note of it. Try to write down all the thoughts you are getting. Trust me, if you do this, you will automatically realize what is going wrong. It will slow down your train of negative thoughts and give you a chance to analyze it.

Majority of the time, you would identify that the negative points you are writing down are based on some assumption, which is not even real!

Be Grateful

This is another way of keeping negative thoughts away from you. Practice gratitude! Be grateful of what you have. Look around, no matter the situation, there will still be something to be grateful for. Tell your mind about all the good things that you have and how thankful you are to have them, this will automatically push negativity out of the window.

If you like, you can even make a journal for it. This will come handy next time you feel negativity is trying to crawl in. Today I am grateful for the food I eat everyday, for my health and for being alive. Find out what you are grateful for!

Express Your Feelings

I have mentioned this in my earlier blog posts as well, communication is the key! You cannot keep everything to yourself, you got to let it out. Talk to your friends or your family or anyone who is close to you. Tell them about the thoughts you are getting. Once you let it out, you will feel a sense of relief, a positive feeling, which in turn will not allow any negativity to cloud your mind.

Beware of Negative Influencers

We meet a lot of people in our lifetime. Some have positive influence on us while some negative. We obviously cannot avoid meeting them, what we can do is be aware of the negative influencers and try to not let them affect us in any way.

Try to surround yourself with people who give you positive vibes. I have very strong thing for vibes. I even get vibes from a place or a thing. Excuse me! But, you can definitely try to judge the vibe you are getting from people while you are around them and choose the ones, who make you feel positive.

I guess, it is very normal to get negative thoughts in situation like these. All we need to remember is, it is not end of the world and have faith and hope.

Here’s hoping the tips were useful for you. Do let me know in the comments below if you liked any of the points above, or if you have any other ways to deal with negativity. I am feeling much better after writing this post!

Till the next post, stay positive! Stay healthy and safe!❤

How TO Exercise Without Exercising

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Do you struggle to take out time to exercise?

Are you waiting for the lock down to get over so that you can finally head back to the gym?

I am in the first category. I think more about exercising than actually doing it. If thinking made people fit, I would be the fittest person on earth by now 😀

Human body is meant to do physical work, avoiding it is just going to cause issues. If you are someone who is already doing some sort of physical activity during the day, I would say great! nothing better! But sometimes it becomes hard to take out time to actually do something, it could be for multiple reasons.

Given that I have become too lazy to work out or go to gym now, I have found few hacks that help me keep my body in motion. I thought why not share it with you guys as well.

So here are my 5 tips to exercise without actually “exercising”.

Walk when you talk

We all talk on our phones more often than not. What if you start walking while you talk?

Statistically, if you are on phone for about 10 minutes, you would have walked more than 800 steps. This is a very effective way of exercising without even realizing it.

Dusting and cleaning your house

Another way is by cleaning your house. It could be as simple as dusting or just making you bed, folding clothes, cleaning your washroom. Anything really!

Trust me, when I dust and mop my house, I sweat like I would after 50 minutes of workout session.

Brownie point: you end up with a cleaner space 🙂

Wash your clothes

This is tricky! Why? Because, you may just want to use your washing machine for it.

I would suggest just try it once. Maybe just take your daily wear clothes and wash them manually with your hands instead of using washing machine.

I bet, You will feel those hand muscles workin! 😉

Take stairs

Avoid using lift!

This is the most common advice you would have heard hundred times. But, it works. Try to use stairs as much as possible. Start slowly and eventually try to only use stairs and not lift.

Bucket Bath

This is an unusual one right?

Squat! Squat! Squat! Use bucket instead of shower or bath tub. Do squats while you take bath. Simple right? 😛

Hope you liked these simple but easy to achieve tips to just get that body moving. This is purely based on my experience and observations. Do let me know if you have some other tips that we can follow. 🙂

P.S. I also dance whenever I get some time, it is a good way to move your body. You don’t have to be pro at dancing, just play some music and jump! 🙂

Happy Day! Stay Safe and healthy!

How To Organize Your Closet

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Do you struggle every day to decide what to wear because you cannot find what you are looking for?

Do you find pile of your clothes on your bed, chair, sofa more than your cupboard?

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Well not to worry, I got your back! 🙂 To be honest, I am obsessed with keeping my closet clean. I have this habit of organizing things and it makes me so happy and content!

I am sure we all try to clean or organize our closets once in a while, but for some reason, in few days it turns back in to mess. Well, probably, the reason for that is the way you are organizing your closet space.

It is very essential to organize your closet in a planned way, so that you get what you want faster, save your time and it doesn’t turn in to a mess immediately after you have cleaned it.

Here are five easy ways to organize your closet properly:


Golden rule of keeping your closet clean – loose all unwanted/unwearable clothes from you closet.

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I know we all get attached with our clothes, I do! But it is very important to let go of clothes that you no longer wear. This way, you can get more space in your closet which are currently occupied by something you no longer need.

So, remove all the clothes one by one from your closet and ask below questions:

  • Have I worn it in last 1 year? Yes – next question, NO – discard
  • Is it in good condition? Yes – next question, No – Discard
  • Does it still fit me? Yes – next question, No – Discard
  • Do I have duplicates of this piece? Yes – Discard, No- Next question
  • Do I really need this? Yes – Keep it, No – Discard

Put the discarded clothes in a separate bag (will tell you later what to do with this bag). The clothes that you want to keep, let them be in a separate pile.


Categorizing your clothes and then arranging them is very important. This will help you find the right clothes for right occasions. This will also help you answer “What to wear”.

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I categorize my clothes based on these major categories:

  • Home wear
  • Outwear – Western
  • Outwear – Ethnic
  • Fitness wear

Once you have decided the categories, arrange the pile of clothes based on each category.

Sub Categorize

It is very much possible that your pile for one category is huge as compared to others. If so, it’s best to sub-categorize that pile.

For example, I have sub category in “Outwear – Western”, which are “Formal wear”, “Denims” , “Tshirts” , “Shirts”, “Casual pants”.

Similarly, based on whichever pile seems huge, sub categorize it, so that you aren’t overwhelmed.


Now that you have categorized your clothes, it’s time to arrange them.

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Based on the kind of space you have and the amount of clothes you have for each category, you can decide where to put what. Few questions that you need to ask yourself:

  • What is the category that I wear more often?
  • Which is the least worn category/clothe?
  • What season it is?
  • Do I need hangers for any specific type of clothing?

This will help you decide, which category you want to keep in your reach and which can go to less accessible area/shelf in your cupboard/closet.

Few Tips which I follow:

  • Keep your winter wear in a separate storage space and not in cupboard/closet during summers.
  • If possible, assign a separate drawer for your undergarments.
  • If you want to go one extra mile, color coordinate your clothes!
  • If possible, use hangers for Blazers, coats and dresses. This will help maintain their shape.
  • If you like, you can keep your accessories in a transparent box and label it. For example, you can have a box for scarves, where you can dump all your scarves. Similarly, for Ties, for socks, for handkerchiefs.


Now that you have arranged all your categorized piles, it’s time to pick up that “Let go bag”. Remember that one pile/bag that we separated as part of step one.

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                <iframe src="" title="donate"></iframe>

Take that pile and donate it. There are number of NGOs who will happily accept that. Just in case the clothes are too worn out and cannot be reused, they can still be recycled. So, google the charitable organizations who do this and help someone 🙂

Wallah! Your closet is organized! 🙂

Make sure when you take out your clothes from the closet to use, keep them back in the same way after wash/use, instead of throwing it. Trust me it only takes 5 minutes extra and you will never have to deal with a messy closet again.

Let me know in the comments below if you have more ideas or if you have a feedback about the post.