It’s ok not to be ok!!

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Sometimes someday it’s very important to remind yourself that’s it’s ok not to be ok.

We all know that things change, people and surroundings change. But what we forget is to remind ourselves about the change.

Make sure that you remind yourself about the changes that take place in life and let things go. It will hurt you, will make you feel lonely but one day all will be ok.

Hold yourself strong, as who knows what will be tomorrow. It may or may not be one of the best days of your life.

Many are struggling with number of mental and health issues,

Majority of people have forgotten to close eyes and give time to self.

So, close your eyes right away, make yourself calm and peaceful from within,

Don’t ask yourself what’s wrong, as the answer will be nothing,

Don’t keep yourself saying the world loves you,

As you yet have to learn to love yourself first,

It’s fine if you are broken from inside,

Face it and get through yourself from this darkness,

As sometimes it’s ok not to be ok.

Knowing the fact that leading an illusionary life will lead to complications, still we hide in that lie to find peace.

Come out from that illusion, face the naked reality, as it’s the only fact that will give courage to differentiate between the real and fake surroundings.

You will be alone, but will manage to go through it.

I guess it’s ok not to be ok at times.



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Maintaining a beautiful relationship requires patience and perseverance.

When you love someone you are ready to fight for the person,

Ready to compromise and sacrifice yourself.

You had enough reasons to believe to stand through your relationship in the worst times.

But one day an incident changes the whole meaning of maintaining a relationship.

More than the incident, what hurts more is,

Nobody cares what you are feeling.

No one wants to understand or listen with what pain you are going through.

Life seems to be unfair.

What you did for the loved ones, seems to vanish.

After breaking up, what was left inside me was not sufficient to live.

Fragment of sunlight filled with dew drops.

We were supposed to be knotted in a relationship but before we could build it strong enough, it was already over.

What hurts me more is

The relation was like a text written with chalk in the blackboard, that was easily washed off with rain.

Are shattered dreams and false promises worth living for.

Now when I have made up my mind to chase my heart and live what I dreamt once.

I  face more difficulties but I will be able to stand up again on my feet.

As all I wanted in life was self-respect and happiness.

After breaking up, what was left inside me was not sufficient to live.

Fragment of sunlight filled with dew drops.


P.S : This poem explains how one feels when a relationship is ruined because of lack of understanding. Idle couple is that which understands and appreciates the existence of each other in their lives. Unfortunately, many partners fail to recognise the feelings of the better half. Inappropriate words used at undesirable places leaves a wrong and heavy impact, hence leading to the consequences.

Midst of thoughts

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Sometimes you feel connected with an unknown person.

Being precious to eyes.

Beautiful nights of stars shared.

Eyes filled with emotions, as I don’t want the dream to come to an end.

Glad to have someone who was far away from the reality.

You were enjoying life-like a kid.

Eyes filled with brightness, when I am taking care of you as a child.

 Things were going fine, till the day you were back with your memories.

I try to stop you, situation making me mad as life without you will be impossible.

But the damage have been made. You refuse to recognise me.

Leaving me in the middle of no where.

It was more than a treasure to have a life with you.

With memories back, your life is back to normal.

But what will I do now.

Eyes filled with tears, as the dream comes to an end.

You fail to recognise me, who once stood beside you at the time of need.


P.s : Heartbreaking poem of a man who falls in love with a girl who looses her memory in an accident. He unconditionally takes care of the girl. Later when the life of a girl is back to normal, she fails to recognise the person who once took care of her. 


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Home is where heart resides.

Home is where love is welcomed and envy stays out.

Home is where all the corners of the house is filled with warmth, leaving the fragrance of every person living there.

Home is where you share all the emotions of life without hesitation.

Giving space for growth,

Telling stories of glories and defeat.

More than the costs needed for living,

What requires the most is a “tempting place to stay“.

Home is not made by the walls,

But with people who matters the most in your life.

Home is the favourite place of mine, from the beginning till end of each day.

Giving peace when waking up with the rising sun,

Ending day with a peaceful sleep.

No matter where we are, what we learn and how we live but we wish to return to a place by the end called

Home sweet home.


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Colleen’s challenge this week is to pen a syllabic poem using synonyms for “transition” and “harmony.”  I have used the reverse cinquain form to approach this.  I have tried to capture the melding of the two people into one which comes when individuals become a couple in a relationship. I hope you will enjoy it.

A metamorphosis of life
Grow ever more in tune
Kindred spirits


Colleen’s 2020 Weekly Poetry Challenge No. 177 #SynonymsOnly:  transition & harmony

Happy Mother’s Day

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Mother is an angel for her child.

A friend who is always dearer to me.

You are a sunshine who lights my day.

Nothing is more precious to me, than to see you smile and wish for a healthy life.

Hug from you is the best secured place in this world.

The values taught by you,

Unconditional love given to us, is the best blessings one can wish for.

Your presence in our lives means everything to us.

I am always incomplete without you.

Your arms are always open for your children.

Even in pain you smile.

Wish you Happy Mother’s Day.

From loving daughter who owes everything to you mum..

No one knows how much I love you and miss you. You are my soul and heart.

A reason why I am breathing.

Wish happiness and health for you.

Love me when I need the most!!!

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Love me when I deserve the least..

That’s when I need the most.

I know I have made a mistake, bigger the mistake more I get scoldings.

I am a human being, making mistakes is natural .

Have not made the mistake intentionally.

My conscious is hurt, sad and have fear.

When you scold me, for that moment you too are weak.

I know I have made a mistake, bigger the mistake more I get scoldings.

Love me when I deserve the least..

That’s when I need the most.