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I may be away, but my heart is always there.

A place that gave me an identity of who I am.

Land who is dearer to my soul,

Gives me goosebumps when I remember how it got freedom.

Now often I lose my peace and calm,

When I see how politics have manipulated the thoughts of the people since post Independence.

Hunger of power, misguided the subjects only for the vote bank.

Today, when few leaders are trying to put things straight,

It’s hurting many, as the power is losing from there hand.

“Is it always correct to blame government?”

Media have forgotten there ethics.

Today news are not shown to inform  but to create disparities among people.

Where communication is done through social media.

Expressing opinions and thoughts through updates and status.

Creating a net of false presumptions.

When there were no phones and internet

Social interaction was more.

Issues were resolved face to face.

Sad when people express negative about their own nation on social sites.

Letting the whole world know, how miserable your  condition is.

Gaining false sympathy.

Comparing the issues and lifestyle with other countries.

Want to take the privilege of asking questions to those who take social media as a source of expression.

Do you discuss your family matters on social media?

Clash in family issues, siblings problem etc are they too publicly discussed?

No, personal life is not on display.

Than why one forgets nation too is a big family.

Personal issues being sensitive in nature should be carefully handled.

Social media have created a very unhealthy environment.

Creating an over all picture that may not even exists.

Myth for those who believe that expressing things in social media are eye-opening and make things better.

Instead it creates hate , misconceptions and potrays your own motherland negative.

Would be nice if you

Explore your surroundings and people.

Talk to them and clear things where required.

 Remember every person have their own story to tell.

Not every individual choose to display matters like few, to make things more ugly.