Earth day – Sham

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By Sham (my daughter – 10 years old):


A 18+ Story

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Lonely and sad; but with a lot of hopes! He is the new inhabitant of our building. He made his home at the parking’s area…


He found her…


And here are the results…


And later, the kittens will do the same and the cycle will be repeated again and again. This is life!

P.S., this post has been in my drafts for few months. I don’t know why I haven’t posted it earlier! Unfortunately, all the kittens passed away. I regret I haven’t moved them home to take better care of them…

Hope all are safe

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We have to be optimistic no matter how dire the situation is. Hoping the future will be brighter.

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Women Islamic veil might hinder your performance; but all are wearing face masks now!
Borders were closed against Syrian refugees; but travel is banned for all now!

To protect ourselves, we should always keep the following clean: BODY, ENVIRONMENT, and ETHICS

Do you think wars will stop for 14 days too?

Prayers for all to be safe and healthy