Children expectations

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We often talk about on various important points on the upbringing of the children. We read and talk about how parents can nourish their children for their independent and better future. In this process we forget what children do expect from their parents, while they are raised.

What Children want and expect from their parents :

  1. While teaching children we often tell them what to do and what not. Forgetting that children have the ability to watch and learn, remember showing is better than telling.
  2. More than easy life and gifts children want the attention from parents in the form of hugs and kisses. The expression says I will not be spoilt, I just need little time from your daily hectic schedule, so just love me.
  3. I am still young and I not a fast learner as your are my dear parents. My brain is still developing. But, I do have the willingness to learn, so please be patient and kind to me while you teach me.
  4. No matter what happens, i just want my parents around when I feel scared and unsecured, be there for me always, no matter what happens.
  5. Communication is a two-way process, don’t just talk to your children, talk with your children, for better understanding and relationship with you child.
  6. In every person a moment comes when they just want someone to hear them so that they can unburden their thoughts, same is with children, they too sometimes want their parents to just hear them without any judgement or  a lecture.
  7. I am who I am, with my own limitations and strengths. Don’t compare me with other kids. Accept me as who I am. Remember every individual is unique.
  8. Don’t spoil me with gadgets. Children too love to play outside, as you enjoyed during your time.
  9. Don’t stop me to fall from the very beginning of my life it will only help me to grow and learn something new in life. Let me learn things from my own mistakes. This could only be possible if I make my own decisions. Unless I make any decision how will I distinguish between right and wrong. Show trust on me, help me to gain confidence that I can achieve something.
  10. Little little appreciation makes a huge difference. Tap my back on my achievements. For the world it may be small but for me it’s a big thing. Encourage me with appreciation on my achievements.

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