Rock Archeology – New York 2010 – photos

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I first went to New York in 1971. Even that was long after it’s sixties highlights. But it was still alive. The sixties underground was still in full swing. We had a great time, met some new friends, hung out and tried some different food. They were the days of sixties camaraderie. There might not have been Bob Dylan, Phil Ochs, Buffy St Marie or Joan Baez hanging out in Gerdes Folk City but there was still a vibe.

We visited again in 2010 and it was a bit of a tourist attraction. But it was interesting to search out the places where those guys had all played – a bit of Rock archeology.

I sure would have liked to have gone back four or five years later to catch CBGBs and the start of the Punk scene.

The Apollo where the likes of James Brown and Buddy Holly played.

The Dakota where John Lennon was murdered.

The infamous Bob Dylan cover.

A good bit of nostalgia for the old folks.