The Corona Chronology: Day 34

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Note: I’m once again breaking my “wait two years before you repost something” rule. Apparently, the pandemic has turned me into a protocol rebel. (But not like those idiots with guns who are protesting at state capitals. I never want to be associated with that mess.) I stumbled across this poem in the archives, scribbled ALMOST two years ago, and I feel that it resonates, in a circular way, with today…


Frosted June – #1


She remembered the times

She remembered the places

Images, muted but sharp

Some trapped in never more

Others, perhaps once more

Ripples of seasons

Spreading out, fading

Stirred anew by other stones

Same as it never was

She drinks from cracked glasses

Smudged by the faded lips of others

Tasting the wine, savoring

Then she wipes her chin

And begins again, knowing

That Spring would bring

Another song to sing

But until then

She remembered


Previous Note: Claudette recently posted a collection of stunning photos, leading me to comment that each shot in the series would be a great intro for a blog piece. She gently challenged me to make of it what I could. This is the first effort…

Current Note: Checking the records (I’m obsessive when it comes to tracking spreadsheets) I see that I only converted three of Claudette’s delicious photos into blog posts. Methinks this is an outrage that requires rectification. You?

Future Note: “I just posted my 374th post inspired by Claudette. And I’m still just as giddy and satisfied as the first time.”