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There were a lot of desires,

Hence, I decorated them as soft petals,

On the branches of an unaffordable future,

Hoping someday, I may experience their fragrant blossom,

But life is like autumn, it sheds away most of your long unclaimed fantasies,

All it leaves behind, is the rust of unsatisfactory void on those barren branches,

Which you had forever dreamt to be laden with flora of happiness, 

Sure you can re-decorate them again,

But by then you have had gardened life’s experience, 

To decide if you choose to grow a possible dream or a bunch of impossible desires!!



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We carry a certain makeshift belief within us, that all the hidden inevitably uncertain factors in our existence, with time will be bestowed upon us, that’s why we are able to lead this illusionary life with a hope driven normalcy, step by step, with its required ups and downs. 

But have you ever experienced uncertainty trapped in a small hourglass, confined in a limited boundary, you know clock is ticking, you know with certainty that you will witness the uncertain soon, but then what you don’t know is its nature until it reveales itself.For some of us, that hourglass is our breaking minds, always anxiously paranoid to find the end result of that uncertain factor, always catching us with the fast paced time, with an unsteady shaky expectation, mostly far away from the hopeful normality otherwise deserved.



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The night had the hunter’s moon at peak,

Three lonely souls had some answers to seek,

First found, a long lost human voice in the winds,

Second, nurtured a bleeding heart with rhythmic spellbinds,

Third, tormented by phantoms before the dawn prescind.

That night had the hunter’s moon at peak,

The portal between other worlds were weak,

Their chance to find the truth was already bleak,

As they had lost their path to hollow moonlit creek!



The Desert Massacre

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The blood Sabbath and the glittering gold,

What’s the message behind the a dream so cold,

You glimmered like sun with an axe in your hand,

Surrounded by bare corpses on the desert sand,

In the darkness I approached your fiery Self,

Quivering in fear, sensing the horrifying delf,

You roared at me with your glowing eyes. Saying “Run away?”

“Before my weapon lusts again for a bloody sway”

Realizing our friends are carcass on the Arabian land,

A victim of unrevealed crime, penalized by your devilish errands,

What’s got into you “A mass of hellish fire ball?”

You were not a Grimm yet you killed them All….

An imagery of horror so grotesque…

I prayed to almighty for the perished souls rescue…

Perspiring, Scared, Pale and statuesque

I concentrate on Hymns coming from a sacred mosque…

Words of Almighty transcended me to a tranquil Hallow,

Woke up startled yet calm, as if escaping from deathly gallows…

The blood Sabbath and the glittering Gold…

What’s the story behind the dream so cold!!


I Don’t know why I broke

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I know it was right whatever you spoke,

But still I don’t know why I broke,

I fell on surface of my self-designed feeling,

With an incurable pain incapable of healing…

Was my fate like those delicate wine glasses?

it always has to shatter even on the velvety carcasses,

you said, for you it does not matter…

did you know for me, it was only you who mattered?

I feel, I am standing at the edge of your heart’s door…

it’s so dark within, nothing my mind can explore…

will you not allow me in, will you not show me the unseen.

will you not make a space for me within, will you not ask me where have you been?

I thought you were the reflection of my heart,

but never realized why we fell apart,

you told me, reflections are unreal like ghostly apparition,

what’s real is, our separation…

Was my love only capable of your rejection?

was I wrong, when I felt our souls had a connection…!!

I know it was right whatever you spoke,

but still I don’t know why I broke…

Re-posting one of my poetry very close to my heart.

My vagabond

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I am a fixed constant, here where I belong,

She is my vagabond tied in a vow ages long,

She introduced me to the world through the magic of books,

From the glimpse of authors the way existence should look,

Varied perspectives and philosophies that always kept me hooked.

She played the music that filled me with contemptuous glee,

Like an enchanting shell hymning song of the sea.

We spoke of flowers and bees in cheerful spring,

How they colorfully bloom, hop, dance and sing.

In the summer we praised the majestic sun,

How it burns bright for our vast galaxy to run,

Not to forget the warm message the arid winds carry,

blissfully touching us on a serene lake in a small ferry.

Then came the rain wild, rough and strong,

Washing our hearts from the drying pain that prolongs,

we talked of mountains how they bath in monsoon,

releasing gathered warmth thus wetting their feet,

They make themselves cold, to honor the wintry groom,

As they are ready to wear blanket covered of snow sheets.

Lost loves and divine tragedies were stories of fall,

Separation is inevitable in a bond big or small,

Like the story of the tree and leaf bright and green,

Artistically deranged as red and orange in an Autumn sheen.

Winter was harsh and cold in the comfort of our quilts,

Bone chilling full moon nights making our wills to wilt,

But it was a time for spine tingling campfire tales,

Burning fireplace splinters, our anxieties up scaled,

It’s was a time of exhilarating desires,

Little we shivered, little we burnt like fire..

While we lived seasonal tales of the normal,

We also dived into mystical realms of paranormal,

Ghosts, crypt-ids, bizarre tales with inter dimensional travels,

Like a child we had fantastical secrets to unravel.

I remember we watched eclipses and blood moons together,

And wondered about the power of the cosmos and the puzzle they tether.

I am a fixed constant, here where I belong,

She is my vagabond tied in a vow ages long,

I have lived these moments time and again,

Sometimes remembering as joy,sometimes as pain,

While her essence always surrounds,

She is a bond that will keep moving around,

Like any true love tale we had to split apart,

but still strong together, we can never truly depart !


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Re-posting one of my old poetry about my Vagabond. Hope you all like it and feel a stronger connection to your soul mates. Stay well and Safe.


Gravity of love

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You walked in my life like a marvellous storm,

Rearranging me anew as for long, I was deformed,

In my life you brought a lot of wonderful commotion,

Swirling around my strongest, sharpest emotions,

Gravelled feelings rose above the surface of my heart, defying gravity,

Because they aimed to reach the sky, as you were like a heavenly deity,

I thought to have tasted the ecstatic sweetness of successful love,

That I imagined, I had the forever happiness of fluttering doves,

But you were a mystery, like you came, you were gone,

Leaving my world astray, I was again lost and alone,

As my longing for you, tremored into painful raging jolts,

The ascended affections arrowered my heart as deep piercing bolt,

Sure there was a lot of agony before all went numb,

I kept thinking, why this happened, why I was so dumb,

Now I keep a watch for any spectacular storm of a same intensity,

Keeping my sentiments at bay, never allowing them to elude gravity!!



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Sure, giving up in life, is like surrendering yourself to dark,

Inside a dense, thick fog, without any escape, with zero vision,

But slogans of pseudo hope and optimism are also like foggy apparels,

That one worn during tough times when there is no clarity,

Just to console our dreaded soul probably there is light at the end of the tunnel,

One thing that does remain constant is the uncertainty of what may happen,

The probability theory of life, for or against us,

The secret grimore of our fates which no human can access,

But then belief is a crude element that also exist, isn’t it?

Some are lucky to find it outside in this selfishly smogged world,

If not, then try finding that spark inside of you,

Use it as a torch to traverse the unclear rough terrains,

And if you think you are moving in the right direction,

Hold one or two hands, maybe that way world will become a little selfless,

And if you reach your goal with all your dreams and sanity,

then you become the fate, the hope, the clarity our kind deserves,

But if you bump into another closed door,

Don’t just think you can’t do this anymore,

Just remember, there are so many of us stuck and left behind,

Look deep inside, awake that spirit, let your efforts rewind!


My poetry is not dead

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Many assume my poetry is dead!

Do not worry, me and my pen are temporarily resting in bed,

While the world is practicing social distancing,

There are more than ample thoughts in my mind’s compact spacing,

But I want to pick the right shade for my art,

A tint of vivid colors drawn on life’s blank chart,

Don’t worry, poetry is the only light that shines in my head,

But I want it’s glow to touch your heart until you utter “well said”

Until then, I will be around in some words, hope you will miss me,

But dont worry you will always find me in a beautiful art that you see,

And if you ever plan to take a trip to the magnificent poetry land,

You won’t be alone, Rain Alchemist will be by your side, holding your hands!!

Dedicated to all the wonderful readers who read, like, comment on my work. You guys are my motivation and inspiration for life. I know I am away, but not gone, not sure if my trifle presence matters, but if does I have missed you, hope you have too. Take care, stay safe!


The Dark Side

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Many think that the darkness , I possess,

Is a tiny blemish, that can be easily removed,

by the short lived whitening of several faked smiles!

But they have heard my subconscious screeching,

Scared, now they hide behind their positive shells,

To intimidated to step forward, extend their help,

Some are curious, what hides behind those haunted walls,

They have seen the blank board I call as mind, and on it ,

I draw petrifying images of my vividly dark imagination,

the one that makes you gasp for your hopeful soul,

why am I mocked to embrace a near certain death,

and to fear an uncertain harsh reality called life..

I know the world runs on an opposite wheel of time,

Embracing each moment of this uncertain life..

and fear the inevitable knock of a certain death…

I am not bothered by ghosts of past or whats unknown,

For there is a lot of blurriness even in life that is known!

But then they call me as a negative person,

Enlighten me, which device in the world?

Measures the polarity of a human nature,

For me its about acceptance of dark side,

As it lets me see clearly, the brutal truth,

Even in the absence of any source of light !

It is not that I do not rely on a positive scope,

But also understand there is a lot pain as well to cope,

Call me crazy or an unreasonable dope,

Fine,I am the fallen one, at least I am not hanging,

on the edges of a false glistening hope!!

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