Fail To Succeed

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I was sitting yesterday in the balcony by my plants imagining the life 2 months back and I noticed a tiny little spider. It was brownish in color and very light to look at. I freaked out initially but then since it wasn’t coming my way, I kept my calm and noticed where it was going.

I see it tried to climb the wall of the balcony, but fell down several times. However, it didn’t stop it. Eventually after multiple tries, it managed to climb up. This reminded me of a bed time story I heard, which was called “The King and the Spider“.

This made me think, this story has been taught to us when we were so young and it still makes sense. Taking failures positively and not giving up to reach the success eventually.

Importance of Failure

Have you ever wondered why everyone who is successful today keeps saying, I failed multiple times.

It is because failure is as important as success or even more. Failure teaches you a big deal. It teaches you how you can move forward. It lets you realize why hard work is important and over confidence is not.

I believe life tests you, it tries to check how worthy you are. How much can you bear. How badly you want something. Once it has tested you, it gives you the taste of success and trust me, true taste of success can only be felt after failures.

Who fails

Who do you think has the risk of failures?

Is it the people who are genius but lazy? Or the one who never wants to get out of the comfort zone? Or the people who never want to take a risk?

It is none of them. They can never fail!

Failures are the people who wants to take risks, who want to get out of their comfort zone and chase their dreams. those are the people who fail and rise back again!

What exactly failure means

Imagine a life without failure.

Imagine if you never failed , will you ever be able to enjoy your successes? Wouldn’t it be just another day? Wouldn’t you take it for granted?

Failure means that you are striving to Surpass yourself. It means, you are not settling , you are ready to fight anything that comes your way while you chase your dream.

Conclusion: It is the attitude that matters

Failing is alright. Everyone who is successful today has failed in their life for multiple times.

Of course you will feel bad if you fail, that is fine. But don’t just give up because you failed at something once. “If one door closes, multiple opens” and in order to see the open gates, we need to think and see clearly.

It is the attitude towards failure that matters the most. When life gives you challenges and you fail, important part is to learn from those failures and rise up again! Fail once, fail multiple time in order to succeed. Do not give up!

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I would love to know how you see success and failures? What was your story of failure and success?

Education Or Learning?

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Do you remember how many years of your life you have spent on studying? I am talking particularly about the formal education that we go through until we get a job.

I calculated it today, turns out I have spent more than half my lifetime till date, just studying. This blew my mind! However, one question that I still cannot get answer for is:

What should I call it – 18 years of education or learning?

Education is something that is done to you. Learning is something you do for yourself.

-Joi Ito

As rightly said by Joi Ito, learning is you, your life experience, your journey, your understanding, while, Education is something we get from others – our teachers or schools or colleges. Education gives us access to knowledge that is already there and we just need to remember or study it.

As a kid I was always encouraged to study and get “good marks”. Marks were always the deciding factor of who will be celebrated in the classroom and who would be considered “weak”. I never wanted to be in the weak category, so I tried my best to get those numbers. Sometimes, I was even rewarded by my parents based on my mark sheet.

Obviously I did not understand the impact of this education system back then. Neither did my parents.

When I look back now, I feel, was it the best way of encouraging kids and young minds to learn? Or were we just trying to get educated and have a marksheet with us for rest of our lives?

I am no where doubting the importance of education, it definitely is important! What I wonder is, shouldn’t we be focusing more on learning than just remembering stuff to get good marks?

From my personal experience, I spent four years studying Engineering. Again I was more focused on getting good marks and excelling in “numbers”. However, If you ask me today, I am applying zero percent of what I studied back then, in my day to day life. Instead, what is coming handy is the learnings and the experiences I had while I was living all by myself.

All my glorious marksheets with amazing numbers on them are sitting nicely in my cupboard drawer while I achieve my dream from the learnings I had throughout my life. All those numbers are now forgotten, the only thing matters is my learning and experiences.

One question still remains, who will teach us how to deal with real life crisis and situations? Or is it something to be learned the hard way.

Hello there! Thankyou for reading this post. I would love to know what was your experience with Education and Learning? What would you prefer?

Letting Go

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“Was it hard?” I ask. Letting go?

“Not as hard as holding on to something that wasn’t real.”

Lisa Schroeder

As humans we tend to hold on to things. It can be a person or an emotion or your favorite toy or any of your priced possession.

Have you ever wondered Why?

I feel it’s probably because, either

  • We are not ready to accept that it’s over, we are in Denial!
  • Or, we are so emotionally attached to it, that the thought of loosing it breaks our heart.
  • Or, we are not ready to forget about it, because somewhere it is always present in all our thoughts.
  • Or, it makes us feel validated.

But is it really healthy to hold on to something which is no more yours?

In past I have had an experience of not letting go of someone I loved, even when I knew it is no more my future. I knew it has troubled me in past, but still I was hooked on to the memories. Not ready to let go.

It was so painful to be in an imaginary world, where I knew it is not real and still I loved it! Nothing can be more painful than this.

The Art of Letting Go

Not getting dependent or hooked on to something that cannot be your present or future is liberating. It’s like allowing your body and soul to breathe and feel what’s real, what’s in your present or with you. It allows your mind to understand and differentiate between reality and imagination.

Above all, it doesn’t hurt anymore!

Of course, it isn’t an easy process. It requires commitment and self awareness. It requires training your brain so that your heart can heal. But it’s all worth it!

I can feel the difference of how it was like to hold on to a past feelings and imagination verses now, when I live in my present. Indeed it was a challenge to reach to this point. I had to tell myself constantly that it no longer matters, why am I holding on to it, just let go, it no longer belongs to me.

The end result was fulfilling. It is definitely better than you holding on to something that does not matter anymore and in no way affects your life.


Whether it is a painful emotion or a toxic relationship or something else that you are struggling with, just let go! Allow yourself to breathe and break free of that “thing” which no longer matters. The only thing it can give you is pain and false hope. So why not make space for something that matters.

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Hope you are doing great and are staying safe wherever you are. 🙂 Happy reading! 🙂 🙂

What Would People Say

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elcome to Thursday thought blog!

Today’s thought is related to something that taught me a big deal in life.

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind

– Bernard M. Baruch

We waste half our lives being someone else, fitting in to society norms, behaving as per others idea of perfection, but is it necessarily us? Even if it’s not us, is there a possibility that we become that person eventually?

I have been a victim of “what would people say” for major part of my life. The strange thing is, I thought it was normal. I always wanted to make everyone happy even if that meant hurting my own self.

Always tried to be the perfect version of myself. Being on my toes, always afraid of loosing people I called my “friends”. Keeping my needs aside, it was all about giving and making the other person happy. Being the most perfect person ever!

What exactly is this perfection? Why do we need it?

This perfection is abiding to the rules and norms of society. Before saying or doing anything, always thinking of what would people say? Worrying about others perception more than your happiness.

I remember growing up asking this question to my mom: “Who are these people?”. She would just laugh at the naiveness of the question and ignore it. But I always wondered, why do we care about someone else’s thinking? Time passed and I sort of became the part of this process. This feeling of “what would people say” stayed inside me and affected many of my decisions in life.

How it all changed

Thank god for education and my job, I got to travel across the world which changed my mindset completely. it gave me a chance to break out of my comfort zone.

It allowed me to break free from the boundaries of my own thoughts that was build over the years. I started seeing life with a different perspective- my perspective.

Surprisingly I couldn’t find those “people” whom I was always worried about half my life.

Eventually I realized, may be it is okay to be me. Maybe it is okay to stand up for yourself, even if it means going against the “perfection” created by society. Maybe it is okay to not be afraid all the time of loosing someone because of who you are.


People who matter will be with you no matter what. The ones who left, were never with you any way! 🙂 So why change yourself to fit in to someone else’s idea of perfection? Why not be what you are.

It took a lot of heartbreaks and rough road to realize this. I wish I had slightest idea about it while growing up, I wish I wasn’t afraid of “what would people say”!

Were you also the victim of this thinking?