The Ideal Education System

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Education is the best wealth among all. No one can steal it, no one can snatch it. As one consumes, it increases. As one shares, it expands.

Sanskrit Shloka

Hello, fellow Mumblers! I’m back with a new post! Read along and let me know what your favourite part was, in the comments section below! Much love!❤

From ancient times, India has always been the land of knowledge seekers. This is why it had the Gurukul system of learning. The students or ‘shishya’ would live in with their ‘guru’ i.e. teacher in small groups. Each of the students’ cognitive and emotional needs were catered to, individually by the gurus. The ‘ashram’ where they stayed would also help in making them self-sufficient through experiential learning.

Thus, for me, an ideal education system would be one, where the core tenet is ‘inside out’ rather than ‘outside in’. In such a system, students will be able to expand their horizons and not be constricted into a mould of certain subjects forced upon them.

However, this does not mean that the usage of modern technology should be shunned. Rather, state of the art computerised aids must be integrated with the ancient system to provide holistic development to children.

Such a system must focus not only on enriching the knowledge base but also on keeping the children physically and mentally in good shape.

In saying this, I heartily welcome the new education policy being introduced in India to get our education system at par with the ones abroad.


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To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate: It’s Totally the Question

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I have finally found two things that everyone appears to agree on:

  1. Everyone is on hold until there’s a vaccines

Doesn’t matter gender, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, socioeconomic status, political affiliation or which Kardashian is your favorite. In my very unscientific survey, absolutely no one wants to be inoculated.

The reasons vary:

  1. They don’t trust the government
  2. They don’t trust Bill Gates
  3. Vaccine was too rushed
  4. They are tired of being told what to do
  5. Due to other issues, they have problems with vaccines and  the preservatives in them

I understand and empathize with every one of those reasons. I get it.

But here’s my question:

If no one plans on taking the vaccine, why do people keep saying- “Oh, life will be great when the vaccine comes out…things will go back to a sort of “new normal”.

Do people expect everyone else to get inoculated, but not themselves?

I didn’t intend to write about this today. I expected to give you a rather interesting essay about my recent hunt for sneaker laces including a picture of my new kicks (coming soon to a blog near you late October 2020), but day seizing my new attitude, I went with the topic that I’ve been discussing with friends and family for the past few days.

What are you going to do LA? you ask. (I heard you saying it- I do have a Mother’s spidey sense when I think someone is talking about me- and that my very wise friend G asked me the exact question yesterday)

I assume that students will be required to be vaccinated in order to go to school. If that is the case, then my daughter will be mandated. If my daughter gets the vaccine I will without hesitation, get the vaccine when I am able to.

There is no other option for me.

But my thought process is a little bit pessimistic right now.

If no one plans on actually getting the vaccine, what are we doing right now? If no one gets the vaccination, we will be in exactly the same place we are for the foreseeable future.

Which brings us to:

Will we all be required to get vaccinated?

Will we need to brandish ID cards to show we’ve been vaccinated before we will be allowed to do anything?

Here are my questions for you:

  1. Have you put everything on hold because you are waiting for the vaccine?
  2. Do you plan on getting the vaccine?

I get that this is a big deal, so you don’t have to comment. But please think about what I’ve written today. Discuss your issues and concerns with your family/friends.


It’s Only a Day Away

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Blogging friend Janet has something featured in an exhibit at the Brooklyn Art Library. I’d known about this for awhile, but hadn’t gotten to seeing it. I made plans with my friend M to see it on March 6.

The morning of March 6, M texts me that she has a massive headache. Did she mind if we postponed?

Sure. I said. There’s no rush. We can see it next week.

And the world said HA HA- because really, there was no next week for New Yorkers…

They opened a cute tea parlor in my neighborhood. It was on my “Someday” list. Now the tea shop is permanently closed.

A craft studio opened down the block from me. I kept missing the sign up for hand knitting (you weave big blankets with your hands or something- I don’t know what it is, but the blankets looked awesome and that’s why I wanted to take a lesson.) That shop is now permanently closed.

There were one or two opportunities that I missed because I didn’t thing the timing was right…and now these things will probably never happen.  Sometimes, things are once in a lifetime- and you will look back with regret and say –

What was I thinking? Why didn’t I do that when I had the chance. Boy- that was a mistake…

Because opportunities are more fleeting than we realize. Time is more fleeting than we realize…

What are the things on your “SOMEDAY” list?

What are the things in life that will make you happy, or excited but maybe you’ve been hesitant about doing?

What are the things that you will be sorry that you never did? What are the things that you will regret?

I’ve been seizing my mini moments as they happen: as things open up I’ve been doing them. Last week I had a dreamy look on my face and my husband asked:

“What are you thinking about?”

My daughter actually responded- “I bet she’s thinking about what museum she’s going to visit first now that they’ve said that they can reopen.”

And she was right. (I haven’t decided yet, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to be the Met. They have the most permanent collections)

And I’m totally signing up for in person Asian cooking classes when they eventually open.

I’m going to figure out how to fix something I screwed up.

I’m going to take a few acceptable risks…

Things will not be filed under “SOMEDAY”. They will be placed in dates and I will do them…

I get that there are people who are scared right now- people who don’t want to take a risk at all…


Isn’t life always a risk?

Driving, getting on the subway, taking a bath….aren’t these all risks?

You need to take precautions. You don’t drive while impaired. You stand well behind the yellow line at the subway, you put adhesive duckies on the bottom of your tub.

You wear a mask.

Youi observe social distancing protocol.

Wash your hands.

You use good judgement.

I get that things are scary right now, but when haven’t things been scary?

Eleanor Roosevelt is sort of a Goddess in our household, so I will leave you with a quote of hers:

You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face

Carpe Diem baby…




Avoid it Like the Plague

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My cousin posted on Facebook the other day:

Guess we can’t say ‘avoid it like the plague anymore’…

It was kind of serendipitous that she wrote this recently, as my scheduled topic for today is about my neighbor and how she thinks I have the plague.

Ok- she doesn’t actually think I have the plague…

Ok- maybe she does think that…

Here’s the story:

A few weeks ago I entered the lobby of my building, armed with groceries and a smile under my mask. As I approached the elevator I saw one of the women from my hopefully temporarily defunct book club.

I gave a big “Hi” while remaining about five feet away.

M retreated backwards. She literally cringed and I could see her eyes and forehead tense up.

She didn’t say “Hi” to me. She just looked panicked. A woman I’ve had innumerable conversations with over the past twenty years.

She told me she hoped I didn’t mind but she was taking the elevator by herself.

She then proceeded to look straight ahead at the doors as they opened and she ran in and elbowed the DOOR CLOSE button about a million times.

What’s the expression- “deer in headlights”?


She ran away from me like I had the plague…

Because, you know, I really could have the plague.

Of course, my building has a rule that if you have the plague you must disclose it and quarantine yourself- but it’s not like anyone actually listens to rules- so…

But anyway-

There are some people that are totally scared of catching Corona. I get it. I really do. I have lived through this nightmare too.

But, I wonder if many are ever going to recover.

We have now gotten to the point where we don’t trust our neighbors. We have now gotten to the point where many are afraid to leave their houses.

Will these people ever be able to get over their fears of living through COVID 19?

Will they ever be comfortable going to a store?

Saying “Hi” to a neighbor?

Sharing an elevator?

A year from now- will they still be scurrying to and fro like mice avoiding a cat?

Will people want to leave their houses ever?

Or will they exist in virtual life?

Work from home?

Zoom parties?

Amazon orders?

Netflix nights?

Anything to avoid human contact?

Will we become a society of introverts?


How Do I Know You

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After you’ve been blogging awhile, you begin to develop relationships with other writer/readers. It’s a natural thing: when you “see” people on a repeated basis, you begin to know one another, like the person at the cubicle next to yours if you are working in an office, or the person who works the check out at your favorite market. These people achieve a certain status in your own social hierarchy.

I’ve been blogging for awhile now, and I definitely have blogger friends. I kinda/sorta treat these people a little differently when I comment on their blogs and vice versa.

One such person is blog friend Cindy. Cindy writes a very nice blog, where sometimes she writes practical things (this morning she posted a recipe), sometimes you writes inspirational things , and sometimes she just rants a bit. Sometimes, I make a sarcastic  comment on her posts. because I know she gets my humor and what I’m going at…

See, that’s just it: when you talk to someone for awhile, you know what you can and can not say…and you know who you can be a little snarky with…

So a few weeks ago, Cindy wrote a post that was a slight rant/commentary. And I posted a slight sarcastic/witty comment….


After I read Cindy’s post, I had gone back to “Reader” because her comment box wasn’t appearing at the bottom of the post (one of the offshoots of the recent update)


And this is a really big but…

I clicked on the post of another blogger. A post I hadn’t read yet. A blogger that doesn’t post very often and I don’t know very well, and I don’t think I’ve commented on or received a comment from…

I left my slightly sarcastic, a little witty comment…


I realized my error the moment I pressed “Send”…

I hurriedly read the post I had just commented on…


My comment sort of worked with the content of her post…

But this blogger doesn’t know me or my penchant for sarcasm…

I was mortified…

Mortified I tell you…

And that blogger responded back….

And I think she was a little surprised but she replied back gracefully…

And I never admitted that I’d originally commented on her post my accident…

But there you have it…

So, my advice for the day is: when doing anything in WordPress, be super careful, because WordPress updates totally make you screw up…

If not for WordPress, I would never make an error…


Highlights August 16

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History of my the Gramercy neighborhood
This is Gramercy park from Lexington…
Good Thanks…Lower East Side
Fashion shoot….don’t know if model is masked
Watermelon strawberry lemon aid
Jue Lan Club
Breezy Point, Queens, New York
Kennedy’s Breezy Point
Soft scrambled eggs
Early and empty

Gratitude Saturday

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I had a Covid era pedicure the other day. My favorite part of a pedicure is the foot massage: I still walk a lot, on pavement and my feet are normally achy, no matter what shoes I wear. #Firstworldurbanlivingproblems. So, I always get an extra ten minute foot massage…

I am really grateful for the nail technician who gave the most amazing foot massage. She got the spot on the soul of my foot, the lower part of the arch,  that just released all the tension in my body right up to my hair….I just melted into a puddle of happy…

I was ready to divorce my Husband and marry her…


Friday Favorites August 14

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I don’t think I taxed your brains and spirits too much this week…don’t worry…I’ll try harder next week…

But for today- random favorites of mine! Feel free to play any way you want!

  1. Favorite Song You’re Embarrassed to Like: Oh, I love cheesy pop music just as much as I like other tunes- but we will go with “I Think I Love You” by The Partridge Family, followed by “Sugar Sugar” by The Archies
  2. Favorite Thing to do at the Beach: Sit in a chair under an umbrella with a book and a cold beverage
  3. Favorite Thing about a rainy day: Sitting by a window watching the rain while reading a book with a hot beverage
  4. Favorite Professional Athlete– John McEnroe
  5. Favorite Halloween Costume You’ve Worn– Ok- not big on the dress up thing- but in college I dressed as a smurf (with two other friends)- and as I’ve admitted this, I will say that I saw this really cute guy at a party when I was dressed as a smurf but didn’t want to talk to him as smurf, and then a few months later I saw the guy again and he came up to me and said “Hey- weren’t you one of the smurfs?” And then I burst into flames…
  6. Favorite Soap Scent- would anyone be surprised if I said Lavender?
  7. Favorite Baby Boy Name: Michael.
  8. Favorite Cookie: soft and chewy ginger molasses
  9. Favorite Leonardo Dicaprio movie: “Wolf of Wall Street”
  10. Favorite Foreign Band/Artist: So many! Hmmmm U2, Adele, Queen, Beatles, etc

Phase F

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We’ve reached Phase F of the pandemic.

What is Phase F you ask?

It’s the part of the pandemic where my daughter and I make a pot of tea, and at 10pm we turn on Nickelodeon for reruns of Friends…

One episode, Ross is on a leave of absence from his job and is living with Joey and Chandler. Ross complains to Joey that he did all his errands, and now he’s bored. Joey scoffs at him: He tells Ross that you need to spread out the errands. Bank on Monday, post office on Tuesday, drug store on Wednesday etc. In essence, you do one errand a day…

I used to be a Ross. I used to run all my errands on Mondays.

Good Times…

Sixth Avenue in Chelsea is one of my go to blocks. They have a Trader Joe’s (food), Container Store (containers), Harmon Drug. Michaels Art Supplies, a Bed Bath and Beyond, Staples (office supplies), and a Fairway Market. With a block of this are two Home Depot (hardware), Whole Foods, Barnes and Noble(books), and a Sephora (make up). The bank, post office and thrift stores are within a block of my house and I need to pass them to get to the other stores. – I would leave the house with three or four reusable bags, a long list and a spring in my step…I could go store to store and get whatever I needed/wanted.  Returning home would be with a sense of accomplishment as I unpacked and put away all the things I need to get through a week…A smile would light up my face as I placed the reusable bags back onto the magnet hooks behind my front door…

Fast forward to this week:

Monday I went to Fairway (really large market).

Tuesday I went to Harmon (drug store with no prescriptions  but wide array of beauty products)

Wednesday I went to Bed Bath and Beyond (I needed a new pan, but I’m going to talk about that on October 1 when I have a post scheduled about it)

Today I am going to Target.

Tomorrow I am dropping stuff off at Salvation Army (thrift store)

Saturday- one thing…


Just call me Joey.

Some would say the luxury of time is a blessing.

I am not one of those people.

I liked having a day where I got everything done, leaving the rest of the week open to possibilities…

And even if the possibility was working four hours a day on my book, it was wonderful…

But now I take my to do list and rip it into seven pieces…one for each day of the week…

And yes- I totally long for the days when my planner was filled with more than just stickers…

But to be fair, I might need to buy a larger planner because I’m really loving the stickers and I can’t see them going away any time soon…

And I really look forward to getting back to being a little bit like Ross, and a whole lot like Monica…

Alone Again, Happily

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A few weeks ago, my Husband’s work computer had a hiccup. After two hours on hold for the help desk (to which he got disconnected) and then further emails and such, it was determined that he and his computer had irreconcilable differences.

His computer was unfixable without being in the office- (his company has all sorts of firewalls when employees are working on their own internet connection- so he wasn’t even able to get onto the internet so that the help desk could shadow him) Technically we were in whatever stage allowed you to go to the office (he’d already lost a day of work though- during a really busy time) but- the help desk told him:


Well- work does have to go on…

So my Husband spent a day at the office…

And the heavens cried out.

I had the living room to myself. He wasn’t taking up half the small living room with his stuff. I didn’t hear his work calls. He wasn’t asking me to do anything for him. No listening to the dulcet tones of Stephan A. Smith and Max Kellerman talking about nothing on ESPN. No asking me from 730 “What’s for lunch?”

I was alone and I liked loved it.

(OK- my daughter was home but she had an internship and was volunteer tutoring and was taking a class and probably saving the world in some other way, so I didn’t see her)

But back to the me being alone part…

Bliss I tell you…like a whole day of comfort drawer without any lavender…

And last week…..

He had to do a week at the office for a trial run…

Do you hear birds chirping and see unicorns jumping over rainbows?


I think his office wants to try 50% capacity after Labor Day…

Imagine if you will, me doing a little tiny uncoordinated jig around my apartment…

Because I am now filled with hope that maybe one little tiny thing in my life can go back to normal…

It’s no secret that quarantine has brought out the worst in me- I am ashamed to admit that I do not thrive under the pretense of everything in my life changing. But by far the biggest thing that drove me crazy was not having any time alone. Ever. i was never alone. Even when I went to the bathroom someone was always calling me or needing the bathroom or whatever.

I need time alone to be a whole person…

So here’s hoping that soon I can start to get my life back…

FYI- it took ten days for my husband to get his new computer mailed to him. If he’d listened to the help desk and not gone into the office he would have been two weeks behind and deadlines wouldn’t have been met and actually financial world’s would have collided…so this work from home thing has plenty of other drawbacks…

The One Where I Forgot

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You know by now that I get an idea for a post, write it down in my planner, and then when I get to that day, I write the post.

For today, I have written down:

Is freedom constricting or freeing-Grantchester episode w/ nun

Here’s the thing: I’m about a month ahead on ideas- (when I wrote down a post idea yesterday I was scheduling September 20 I think). Often, when I open my planner my one hope is   that my notes aren’t totally cryptic and I have a vague idea about what I intended when I wrote it down.

Today I totally remember what I was thinking when I wrote down the note. I had watched the PBS show Grantchester, which is about a clergyman in England in 1957.In the season finale, one of the characters mentions a great quote asking whether freedom is freeing or constraining.

It was a great quote.

But instead of backing up the TV to write down the quote, I just saved the episode to my DVR, figuring that I would just go back to the episode when it was time to write the post…

But then my cable box died and I lost the episode. I don’t have PBS Passport, so I can’t rewatch the show. There was a far more interesting quote in the episode,  so when I google the episode, my quote is not there.

I can’t find the exact quote.

But it was something about too much freedom actually being worse than having to follow a strict set of rules- that too many choices stymy a person more than less choices…

So…in my roundabout way:

Do you think it’s easier to have less choices? Does a plethora of choices make life more difficult?

When you go to the paint store, do you really want thirty shades of gray, or do you just want one shade of light gray, one shade of regular gray and one shade of dark gray?

How often do you get option paralysis- where there are so many choices before you you actually can’t decide? Your brain hurts from overthinking the possibilities?

So- choices- good, bad, too few, too many…


Musings in the Backyard

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Hello, fellow Mumblers! Firstly, I’m so sorry for this late post which was supposed to go up yesterday but better late than never. So, here we go. 😅😄

The pandemic has forced all of us to be enclosed in our homes and I’m fortunate enough to be near mother nature even at this time. With all the free time I had, ( but still couldn’t put up a post smh) I sat in the backyard, just looking around. What revelations nature made to me in those few moments are penned below. Enjoy! Much love!❤

There’s a whole world out there, right outside your window. You’d be a fool to miss it.

Charlotte Eriksson

The sunlight slithers through the dense canopy of leaves

And dances on the ground with each sigh of the wind


A tiny bulbul perches on the parapet and calls out

Fearlessly interrrupting my morning reverie


With its chest thrust out

And a handsome crown

The red whiskers, fit for a clown


An old, weary leaf gently falls from above

And onto the ground, where it shall be buried


It’s funny how nature seems to join the earth upon death

While we the mortal humans, still think of our souls floating to the heavens above.


Thank You!

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Hello, fellow Mumblers! Thank you all so very much for showering so much love and appreciation upon me!! Just a few days back, I wrote the post on becoming a family of 50 and now, we’re at 100!! Woah, we’re growing so fast! Yay! This excited person is so unlike the usual me but it feels so good. Thank you so much, Mumblers! I love you all so much. 😍

I am sending truckloads of love, positivity and happiness to you. 💕 May you all stay safe and happy! And as I always say, much love! ❤


P.S. – I got to know this great news from one of my Mumblers! Special thanks to you, love! 🥰 You know who you are. 😉♥

Quote Today #2

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I know the quote goes ‘When one door closes, another opens.’ But why didn’t anyone ever try opening the closed door?

Lilly Singh (aka Superwoman)


Know Me Better

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Knowing a person is like music. What attracts us to them is their melody, and as we get to know who they are, we learn their lyrics.


Hello, fellow Mumblers! I hope you are all safe and doing well. Firstly, thank you so much for the many congratulatory messages you all sent me for my last post. I am also sending loads of love and positivity your way! 💕

Now, coming to the questions for this post. Thank you so very much for sparing some time and sending in such beautiful and thoughtful questions which I will be answering now. ❤ If you haven’t read my about page yet, go read it here. As for the questions you sent, here we go:

Era @ The Hidden Soul asked:

1. Which topic do you love most writing about?

I don’t think I have exploited my potential as much to be able to decide what I like yet. However, I do like writing about nature quite a lot. You might have already noticed it in this post- Serenity: A Firsthand Experience.
2. One song, to which, you always find yourself connected to?

I don’t really have a go-to song but these days I’ll be found humming the song ‘Chota Sa Fasana’ from the movie Karwaan.
3. If you meet your younger self, what advice you would like to give her?

Well, I think I’m too young to give any advice yet.😅 I’ll give that answer in a few years😉😄 Though I’d definitely tell her to stretch more so that she can gain some more height!😂😅
4. What you want to be?

I really don’t know this yet. This is probably the question that always haunts me. ( And my poor parents too! 😂😜) Wait for a few years for this one too!😂
5. Do you think, time travel is possible and if possible is it ok to modulate past events or future things?

With the current technology that we have, I don’t think time travel is possible. However, I do think that it might be possible in some time from now since everything that we have now was once impossible. Even if it does become possible, I don’t think it’d be a good idea to modulate events. It’ll be quite tempting but I’m a strong believer that whatever happens, happens for good. I’d still love to visit the various stages, though- the past and the future, without altering them.😊


Jatin @ Jatin’s golB asked:

1. How did you start your blogging journey?

Well, the idea of starting a blog was in my mind for quite a while but I somehow couldn’t find the time. Thanks to this pandemic and the lockdown, I could finally start this blog. If you want to know some more details, click here.
2. What do you like best in your life?

I am very happy with all the gifts of life and this pandemic has only reignited my sense of gratitude for them. For me, my family stands first. I like them the best!😊❤ And thank God for cakes and ice-creams too!😂😍
3. ाााााााााााााााााााााााााााााााााााााााााााााााााााााा ाThe final question is, do you love nature or not?

Yes! I absolutely love nature-it’s my place to rejuvenate. If you love nature too, you might like this post as well.😊


Potterheadaanya @ Soaring Firebolt asked:

I would like to know how old are you and if you will be my friend?

Age is just a number, my dear friend! I hope you got your answer.😉🥰
Also if you are a grammar freak and have to correct someone if they spell a word wrong (I do that a lot)?😊

Yes, oh my God, I thought these ones had gone extinct. I’m glad to find someone like me! My friends teasingly call me the grammar Nazi😅


Harsh @ Cryptic’s World asked:

What do you like to do other than writing?

I love reading, eating and sleeping, in the same order.😋😄 Or maybe eating more than reading, I’m quite a foodie!😄


Aashi @ Falling Upwards asked:

I want you to correctly describe yourself in 3 words.

Selectively social extrovert. 😄( Do you like my answer? )


Aashi @ weaver_of_words asked:

What is one incident from your childhood that you will never forget?

So I was once going somewhere and a cute, little white puppy came out of the blue and started playing with me. It is one of the sweetest memories I have. It was adorable, it even left a pawprint on my dress as a memento!😂😍❤


truthisacommodity asked: ( Sorry, I don’t know your name, would you like to share?)

Where are you from? and suppose you get an opportunity to work abroad, what country would you choose? 🙂

I’m a proud Indian and have no idea which country I’d like to go to, if any, that is. Let’s see what the future beholds!😊


Aditi @ What are you up to during the lockdown asked:

1. What is your personality like?

Honestly, I myself don’t know what I am like. Overall, though, I’m usually the quite type who observes more than speaking.😊 My friends call me the ‘mommy’ of the group, though I’m the youngest.😅
2. Who is your favorite singer or band (or both)?

I’m a sucker at picking favourites, please don’t make me do this!😂😅
3. Who is your biggest inspiration in life?

I draw inspiration from all people who have excelled in their field of work or exhibited exemplary behaviour, especially women. They can thus range from Malala Yousafzai, Lilly Singh(Superwoman), Priyanka Chopra and Twinkle Khanna( I think she is so witty) to Mahatma Gandhi. And my parents, of course!
4. Why did you start blogging?

I started this blog as I wanted to connect with fellow readers and writers, irrespective of age,sex,nationality,colour and other such distinctions. I wanted to discover the relevance and relatibility of my thoughts and perceptions in today’s world. Aptly named, the blog will be about my thoughts,poems and feelings on everything,ranging from entertainment,political affairs and mental health issues to my personal problems like loads of homework.

Lions, Ruskin Bond and my New Blog, Jumbled Mumbles

If you haven’t read this post of mine yet, click here to read it.

5. Lastly, do you have any pets, if yes then what are they and what are their names?

No, I do not have any pets. However, I would love to adopt a dog in future as I absolutely love dogs. I have fostered many cats in my backyard already, though. Do they count as pets? We named them Cookie, Berry and Pie. ( Told you I was a foodie, don’t judge! 😅)

I’m also a mental health advocate and a dog person(though I don’t hate cats,either).

Know Me, Jumbled Mumbles

If you haven’t read my about page (still?), go check it out here.


A huge shoutout to these amazing bloggers, go check out their blogs! They did make me rack my brains! 😂😍

Thank you so much for reading through these! Do let me know if I missed out any of your questions and if you like the answers of the above questions. Stay safe, stay happy! Much love!❤


Thank you! + Something Special

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Hello, fellow Mumblers! Thank you for the 50 followers! We are a family of 50 now! I’m so sorry if I sound too excited(that’s because I very much am!). Thank you so very much to everyone who has ever read even a single post of mine. Thank you for each and every like, repost, pingback and of course, follow!

Just about a month back, I made this decision to join this wonderful community and it was indeed one of the best decisions I have ever made. I feel that there is such a positive group here. I have only received utmost love and appreciation from all of you. Thank you so much for that!😊

Now coming to that special something. This Saturday, I would like to do a ‘Know Me Better’ post. I want to do this to connect with all of you and let you know what kind of a person sits behind this screen. You might know something about me through my ‘Know Me’ page. (If you haven’t read that page yet, click here to visit it.) However, I want to connect better with you. For this, I require your assistance. I want you to post the questions you would want me to answer in the comments below and I will be answering them this Saturday. Stay safe, stay happy! Much love!❤



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Hello, fellow Mumblers! This time, I’ve come up with a new kind of poem. I say so because I don’t know if such a style of writing exists.( If it already does, let me know what it’s called in the comments below😊). In this poem, I have tried to weave a story with two parallel narratives and each alternate line is part of one narrative. I don’t even know if I’m making sense here and if this is understandable. Please let me know if you could understand it and if you liked it too😋😅. Enjoy! Much love!❤

P.S. – It might help if you read the whole thing once and then just the alternate lines together.

The glasses clinked

The mirror shattered


Smoke floated, from a roll

And from a stove


Sounds heard, of forced laughter

And those of suppressed sobs


Jealousy gulped down with anti-depressants

And anger with the bitter concoction


Inside, a dark mess of self-hate

And a faint glimmer of hope


Outside, the lives of the elite

And those of the others


Bustling yet Tranquil

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Rivers know this: There is no hurry. We will get there some day.

A.A. Milne

Hello, fellow Mumblers! In my last post, I took you all to my maternal grandparents’ house. This time, I will walk you through my paternal grandparents’ town. Their house is just a few metres away from the mighty Ganga river. As big as it is, it flows along just as gently. One of my favourite pastimes is to sit on the ghat’s steps, watch the placid river move swiftly and get lost in the bustling yet tranquil landscape. This becomes all the more soothing when the sun sets. The sky darkens and all around you is just a beautiful blanket of bluish darkness. The sky above and the river infront mirror each other while the street and temple lights become tiny, yellow specks. One day, you will see a devout local woman offering prayers and feeding the fish and excited tourists taking a dip to wash off all their sins, on others. The day ends with the magnificient aarti(prayer), invoking the blessings of the river goddess and distribution of the prasad( offerings of food to the goddess which are then distributed among devotees). The Ganga aarti is indeed an experience to revel in, atleast once in a lifetime. Enjoy the poem! Much love! ❤

The air infused with the divine fragrance

Of flower and incense.


The intoxication of the blessed prasadam

Calming my pulsating nerves.


The flicker of the diya’s flame

Ebbing gently on its path to eternal rest on the Holy Ganges


The distantly resounding sounds of the aarti

Emanating from the resplendent temple


The sudden shrill cry of the conch

As if to declare war on all evil


While this is a sacred space for the devout

It is an even enchanting sight to behold

For the pariahs.



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Nostalgia is a beautiful lie dressed up in sepia.

Hello, fellow Mumblers! My summer break is on right now and has been perfectly ruined by the ongoing pandemic. The thing I miss most about it is visiting my grandparents’ house in our hometown. ( Most Indians will probably relate to this-and if you aren’t Indian and still do , let me know in the comments! 😊) The house is huge, to say the least, and surrounded with all kinds of trees-litchi, mango,jackfruit etc. Though, it’s best part for me is the memories that it has guarded safely all these years. It was built by my great-grandfather even before India became independent i.e. before 1947. It has seen four generations of the family and still stands tall and strong. The following poem which was written on an earlier trip is a little tribute to this oldie from my side. Much love!❤

As I enter my childhood haven

I reminisce of the memories engraved in its proudly ageing walls


The way I pranced around

With the mango and litchi trees

Shading me as guarding figures


The way little me begged to be allowed onto the huge terrace

But was always disappointed with a no


As I walk around

I can hear the echoes of laughter

Ringing of younger and carefree days


Even as I sit and pen down my feelings

I hear the gentle cooing of the birds

With which I’m only too familiar

As the lullaby of many a scorching noons


At night, the crickets chirp

The sky engulfs the house

And the stars wink at me


As I’m lost in my thoughts

A gentle breeze blows

And wafts with it, good ol’ nostalgia


All these feelings clutch at my heart

Bringing to it, sudden turmoil

For, I realize, that some day, all good things must come to an end.


Lots of corrections

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Hello, fellow Mumblers! I hope you are all well and doing great. This post is written in quite a hurry and out of schedule to tell you all about the corrections that I had to make.

The ones who have been following my blog for the past days will notice lots of changes and removal of pictures. This is because I do not want to get into legal trouble! In my first post, I had used a picture of Mr. Ruskin Bond. However, on reading an article today, I realized that it might be illegal.

Many of us bloggers would have used many pictures from the internet to make our posts lively but this might be copyright infringement. Thus, I request all of you to make the required changes to your blogs as well to save yourselves from copyright issues. The best way to incorporate pictures is to take your own and use those. Being bloggers ourselves, we will be able to appreciate the amount of hardwork put into our posts-our labour of love. We certainly wouldn’t want others to take credit for what is ours. The same goes for photography as well.

You all being much experienced bloggers might already know about this. However I still wanted to share this so that the lesser-informed like me might be able to benefit from this. Stay safe and happy! Much love!❤


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