Relationship Reflection Pictures

There were a few people missing but nevertheless these are the few of the set of people in my life and very deer to me.

My friend
My aunt
Church young people
Mentor and bestie
My friend
my sister on my dad side

My uncle

My little cousin
My Dance group at church

My fiancé and I

My family
My Pastor his wife and my grandmother from another mother

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My Relationship Reflection

Having relationships with people in your life, such as close family members, friends, church members, or those in the work environment can help you to maintain a healthy and comfortable life. At times you just need someone around you who will know and love you for who you are and would lend you that listening ear and strong shoulder to cry on without having to break you down more than you would be, especially at your lowest point in time of trials and tribulations. This can help you to relieve your mind from whatever you may be going through, and it gives you a sense of belonging instead of having to pay money to see a psychologist for your problem. 

Since I’ve grown to know myself, I have always had helping hands, and strong shoulders to lean on when I found my back against the wall. I never felt like I am alone in any situation because I have a very strong support system around me, especially my family members. Even if we did not always get along, we always try to find that common ground to share that love, care, trust, respect and support towards each other. However, because of my foundational supportive team members, I am able to give back that same support towards the children, their parents and coworkers I am associated with on a daily basis. 

Some of the people with whom I currently have positive relationships and partnerships with are my family members such as, my son, my parents, siblings, aunt, uncle, cousins, grandparents and most of all my Fiance. I also keep a close trusting and healthy relationship with some of my church members, especially the young ladies that I dance with in my dance group, my praise group at church, my mentor mothers and my pastor. Having a very healthy and confidential communication with these people in my life gives me a very good and amazing spiritual feeling, especially when I need someone to talk to when I am not feeling like myself. 

Challenges to developing and maintaining relationships that I have learned from experience over time is to understand the way and mindset of others because everyone is not the same and people think differently depending on the circumstances thrown at them. Some people like to be the center of attention to be heard by others and some just prefer to have their life in private to deal with things on their own. Pride is something that takes control over a lot of people because it can turn into being in control at all times, not even trying to seek help when they really need it no matter what. It can also cause one to become hard headed to always wanting to know they are always in the right even when they are in the wrong. At this point, it’s about having a self reflect and self talk reminding yourself that you need to at all time consider the next person’s feelings and put yourself in the other person’s shoes to have a clear understanding. 

The special characteristics of these relationships that make partnerships is being honest, trustworthy, professional, open, respectful and supportive as possible to those around you. You do not want to come off as being nonchalant and heartless to make matters worse. 

My experiences with relationships/partnerships, including my ability to be an active, reflective contributor, which will  impact my work as an effective early childhood professional is by becoming more proactive with working through situations with those not so close to me. It can help me to gain more social skills in my life as an educator, a mother, sister, daughter, granddaughter,  niece, wife, friend and a person in general to whom I may become acquainted with in years to come. 

Revolution in Education…

Revolution is constant in the world, there is a perpetual need to learn new skills, acquire knowledge and gain qualifications that are relevant in today’s technologically driven marketplace. 

As this has seen a rapid progress in the recent times.It has taken away some of the major limitations of the classroom based education, like location, accessibility, transportation and cost. 

Online education concept has shown the enthusiasm in the students  which is its best part. They want to prove their skills and capabilities while learning in an advanced and interactive environment. Online education has taken away the geographical and financial barriers for receiving quality education. 

Another important aspect of this revolution  is increase in employment. With Online Education, skillful trainers and teachers can expand their reach. Students in India can receive education by the top notch professors and instructors in the world.

 Flexibility to improve and update the skill set while working simultaneously. This helps them in staying updated about the existing advancements and technologies. Online education serves to be a time saving and cost effective procedure for any career.

The most important aspect of online education is No Restrictions . Students from all backgrounds can enroll for online courses. The rate of registrations for online courses is increasing exponentially and the reason behind this rise can be credited to the technological progress with respect to internet, software and digital devices for accessing information. Taking into the account the talent and the population of India, Distance Education has a very promising future in the world and the expectations of the students are quite high. 

Online education provides a vast variety of courses that offer a lucrative skill set to the potential employers. This lucrative skill set can also help you become an entrepreneur. For a marketing graduate who wants to start his or her business, it is important to learn the basics of finance and accounting. An online course can help mitigate this problem by giving them access to the best material. A computer science graduate has just learned a new coding language. He or she wants to update their resume and therefore, online courses present the perfect opportunity.

An updated skill set can offer you many career advancement opportunities. When you are able to differentiate yourself from your peers through education and skills, it always creates a good impression on your employers. You are in a position where you can now be given more responsibilities because you took the initiative to update yourself with the knowledge required for that particular field.

There are various reasons to choose an online education, and why 85 percent of students today think that online learning is the same or better than the traditional classroom experience. Every student must assess their unique situation and decide according to their needs and goals, and while this alternative to traditional education is not for everyone, it’s still a convenient option with virtually endless options for international students all over the world. 😊😊

Best Career & Opportunities

There are many different career pathways and you can choose whichever suits you. Teaching qualifications vary internationally, so you will need to research the requirements and options available in your location before you begin. If you choose to enter into the field of education, you will have a host of choices and opportunities available to you.

The education sector is the most thriving business and it presents plenty of job opportunities than most people are aware of. The current day education sector has many exciting careers to interest the millennials – Education Blog india.

Indian schools, colleges, and universities in India are increasing their foreign connect to give their students better exposure to world-class learning. Remote classrooms are very popular nowadays and a student in India can easily attend classes – Start up Interviews. For more information, please visit our site

The Importance of High School Education

School Education provides children support, guidance and technical assistance to a number of schools in India and oversees many aspects of enforcement of education policies. Other curriculum bodies governing school education system are – School Education in India.

School education will give the extra advantage both for the parents and also the children. This education can provide the student an extra benefit by involving them into personal attention from the tutor that allows qualified and accelerated learning experience – Importance of Education.

As we have already told you that education is the basic right of every child. The core purpose of these schools is that education becomes accessible at an affordable price. School education, also called secondary education in some countries, is a continued for of imparting knowledge and learning to students who have finished elementary education.

During this period of time, the students are taught additional and supporting lessons, knowledge and issues that are related to those taught in elementary education as well as other new lessons that are included in the curriculum for each level in this secondary form of learning. For more information, please visit our site

Exciting things why incoming senior high should choose GAS

A pleasant day to all of you! Welcome to my short blog. I am ‘Mayline S. Villamayor’ and I wanna share my journey as a GAS student, for you to realize and encourage incoming senior highschool student that General Academic Strand is very exciting.

To our journey andiyan ang mga problema gaya ng,


Explanation : Ako bilang estudyante madalas ko maranasan ang ma pressure, dahil na rin siguro sa iniisip ko na ‘hindi ko kaya ito’ ‘paano ito’ ‘tama ba ang ginagawa ko’ ‘parang wala akong naintindihan’ ‘Ang dami paano at saan ko sisimulan’. Iyan ang mga pumapasok sa isip ko kaya naman sa tulong ng ilang advice ng kaklase, kaibigan at guro ay doon ko natutunang mag ‘schedule’ or ‘planning’ nakalagay kung anong pwede kong unahin para hindi ako ma pressure kung paano ko sisimulan. Mas mabuti na alisin natin sa mindset natin yung feeling natin nahihirapan o mahirap. Dapat think positive at wag mag over think dahil by process lahat ng pagdadaanan natin. Huwag mag madali.


Explanation : Hindi ko ikakailang madalas ako makaramdam nito hanggang ngayon. Sabi nila kapag motivated o inspired ka, hindi mo ito mararamdaman. Hindi naman maiaalis ang mga problema lalo na sa pamilya kaya pag dating sa school ang gloomy ng environment mo para sayo kasi nadadala mo ito kaya nakakaramdam ka ng pagkatamad. Isa na rin sa dahilan ang pagpupuyat dahil na ooverwork ang isip sa kakulangan ng tulog. Maraming dahilan ng pagkatamad o pagkawalan ng gana o pagkatamlay. Somehow by process pinagtutunan kong alisin ang ganitong nature dahil alam kong papabagalin nito ang pagiging successful ng future ko.


Explanation : Sa tatlo ito ang pinaka problema ko. Minsan alam ko yung sagot sa tanong, nag wo-worry na baka pagtawanan ang sagot, natatakot na i-judge. Mas gusto kong sumagot sa isip ko at makinig. Paano ba ito maiwasan? By process ulit. Sa karanasan ko bilang GAS student, hinuhubog nito ang pakikipag socialize / communicate sa ibang tao which is a big help. Masasabi kong ‘practice makes perfect’ ika nga ng isa sa aking guro. We must learn to go outside on our safe-zone.

Good experiences

“It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.”

Challenge yourself in school — being a GAS students dahil sa madaming sakop na subjects ito, I encounter different activities each subjects at doon na experience ko ang ibat-ibang pakiramdam lalo pa at bago sa akin iyon. Nakaka excite at puno ng surprises at marerealize mo nalang na kaya mo pala.

Get the best grades you can — Dito ma-cha-challenge ka kung saan ka nag eexcel. Malalaman mo kung anong subject ang dapat mo pang i-improve.

Form relationships — With classmates, schoolmates and teachers. You need to respect them. Isa sa dahilan kung bakit mahalaga ito dahil na rin siguro kung masaya ang paligid mo na i-inpluwensyahan ka at nagkakaroon ng goodvibes. The best memories kapag kasundo mo ang lahat at mga panahong pinagdaanan mo sa ilang taon kasama sila.

Find extracurricular activities — Bukod sa dagdag grades, a new challenge at thrill dahil ma-bo-boost mo ang talent at self-esteem mo and also ma-i-improve ang socialization mo with others.

Why is high school the best time of your life?

Ito ang simula ng pagtayo natin sa sarili nating mga paa. Pakikipag salamuha sa ibat-ibang klaseng tao at pagharap sa ibat-ibang klaseng problema. Ang pangalawang tahanan at pamilya na maaaring mabuo sa paglalakabay during high school days.

Why should you choose GAS?

Mas malawak mas maganda. If you want to be sure alam mo ang strength and weakness mo. Matututo ka rin sa mga taong nakapaligid sayo katulad ng iba’t-ibang pananaw nila na maaaring makatulong sa desisyon mo. It is a best strand kung hindi ka pa sigurado sa tatahakin mo.

Be wise

Importance of Education in Today’s Society

Education and studying often, gives individuals of all age teams one thing substantial and difficult to do. It helps them think and use their idle hours, doing something productive and worthy. Education plays its continuous role in all spheres of life. Learning about new things and different cultures not only adds to our literacy bank but also in stills in us humane qualities – Latest Education News.

The reason being, that if we are aware of the drawbacks of a call and that we comprehend the potential contingencies and therefore the casualty, our consequent actions would be wiser, which would facilitate to stay danger un free in any respect times – Start up Interviews

The importance of education in life cannot be doubted. Education opens up our minds and makes us broadminded. There is no better time than the present to understand this. Education has broadened our minds, so that we are not confined to our countries and comfort zones anymore. For more information, please visit our site

Purpose of Education in Society

After all, the general belief is that education is extremely important and a must in today’s world. Education, if looked at beyond its typical boundaries, forms the very essence of all our actions. What we tend to do is what we recognize and have learned, either through instructions or through observation and assimilation – Importance of Education.

While most feel that education is a necessity, they tend to use it as a tool for reaching a selected target or personal mark, after that there is no any ought to ask for bigger education – Education Blog india

Receiving a good education helps empower you, thus creating you sturdy enough to look when yourself in any given state of affairs. It keeps you aware of your given surrounding furthermore because the rules and laws of the society you are living in.

Education helps you understand yourself higher, it helps you realize your potential and qualities as a human being. It helps you to tap into latent talent, so that you’ll be able to sharpen your skills. For more information, please visit our site

Education & Sociology

If you need to lead a contented life and benefit from the good issues the world has to offer, you actually must get educated. Education is efficacious, and everyone needs to ensure training is broadly available. Education is a should for a promising and secure future and a secure life – Education Blog india.

A proper instructional system can guarantee individuals in any impoverished nation have entry to each upward mobility and geopolitical stability. The learns to be at his/her finest behaviour solely when uncovered to identical-aged people. Plus, familiarity results in benefiting from conditions. The development is parallel to the way forward for our nation, mirrored through high quality of the current schooling system – Education Portal.

In the top, carrying out an education is a significant benefit of an individual and for bigger image, on society. People aren’t solely aware on their everyday life situations however can also clarify and perform crucial pondering on their challenges in life. For more information, please visit our site

Importance of Education for Career Advancement

The reality is education pays and the sooner we realize the importance of education, the better will be our future. Training performs a giant task in personal growth by depositing the person an entire human work makes him effective person – Importance of Education.

It reveals us how to obey legal guidelines of the society and laws of the land we dwell. The Importance of training in our life Education gives hope to everybody for a better life as they need. It is a type of power that works within the life of an individual as magic to build it very a lot better as he has without training – School Education in India.

Every particular person ought to be educated so he might help the nation to make our nation proud. And an efficient individual can further profit the society. On the implication of the examine carried out of Wright he stated that the search within the particular person objectives might result in profitable society.

It meets the challenges posed by a quickly altering world. This just isn’t a brand new perception, since previous stories on education have emphasized the necessity for individuals to return to education in order to deal with new situations arising of their private and working lives. For more information, please visit our site

Until We Meet Again…!


In the beginning of the 8 weeks, I was happy to move onto the next course because I wanted to see what else was ahead for me to learn. It was a very interesting 8 weeks and I got to explore all the different ages and stages of the early childhood field. I have gain so much more knowledge about the early childhood field that I am becoming much more comfortable in my profession. I believe that when children gets a solid foundation in education, it will give them great confidence and help them to become very successful in their lives. The sky is the limit ! You can reach for the stars, once you stay focus and try to grasp all you can, despite the challenges life will throw at you at times.

When life throws you lemons, you just have to make Lemonade!

Thank you each and everyone of you who took the time out to view my blogs, leave a comment, statement or ask a question. I was very grateful and appreciative of all your kindness, kind words and encouragement that you’ve pour out to me. I humbly say Thank You with an open heart and wide arms of love and gratitude. I do hope you all have a Bless Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New year (2021). May the Lord continue to Shine his Light upon you in every way possible that you desire…

See you all for yet another 8 weeks, as we all journey together through this!!!!

Interesting facts about General Academic Strand (GAS) for Senior High School

Are you curious on what strand you should choose?


There’s a lot interesting subjects. Sa dami ng mga ito you will benefits from this lalo na kung nagdadalawang isip ka sa career na gusto mo. Ang GAS ay may maraming under subject kung saan makakapili ka at may oras o panahon para mapili mo ang gusto ng puso mo.

3 INTERESTING THINGS ABOUT General Academic Strand (GAS)

1. GAS also offers a lot of subjects from the other Senior High School strands katulad ng HUMMS, ABM, and STEM.

2.  It gives a student time to figure out his own strengths, as well as fresh perspectives on the new things he discovers from its wide range of subjects. 

3. This will definitely prepare a student for their college life and soon after graduation, the real world will began.

My experiences as grade 12 student and taking General Academic Strand.

“Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance.”
Will Durant

Ano ang mga naranasan ko the day bago ko kunin ang General Academic Strand?


Una sa lahat hindi ako confidence sa kukunin ko at sa tingin ko hindi pa ako handa.


Natatakot ako na baka pagsisihan ko kung anong pipiliin ko knowing na hindi pa ako sigurado.


Ang nasa isip ko lang ng mga panahong iyon anong pipiliin ko? Saan ba ako magaling?

And to the current situation.


Finally I am sure na ito na talaga. Kasi sa mga buwan na ginugol ko sa GAS, ang pagiging GURO ang naibigan ko.


A lot of challenges and family that I have met. A full of lessons at syempre napatunayan ko na ang isang bagay na nahanap ko through GAS.


Nahanap ko kung strength and weakness ko. Kaya for now I am preparing to face another challenges.

But I guess the real facts about General Academic Strand (GAS) is to fulfill the doubts in our heart.

“Your dream doesn’t have an expiration date. Take a deep breath and try again.” 
— K.T. Witten

My recommendation about what strand should you take if you are incoming SHS

Doubts are good. Confusion is excellent. Questions are awesome.

All these are attempts to expand the wisdom of mind.

Manoj Arora

General Academic Strand

General Academic Strand is great for students who are still undecided on which track to take. Dahil general academic ito, masasabi kong marami kang options lalo na kung nagdadalawang isip ka on what career you desire to choose. GAS is design specially sa mga incoming SHS na undecided katulad ng, marami kang napupusuang career pero dapat isa lang ang piliin mo, at GAS ang sagot diyan. Bukod sa malalaman mo kung ano ba dapat ang kunin mo, marami kang bagay na matututunan. Sabi nga ng mama ko, kapag madami kang nararanasan magagamit mo ito sa tamang panahon. Huhubugin tayo upang maging handa sa hamon ng buhay. Kaya mahalaga na malaman mo kung ano ba talaga ang karapatdapat na career ang para sayo. Thats why I recommend you to choose GAS because it will be a big help.

If you are incoming SHS, I recommend you to choose GAS track. Why?

* GAS gives you the chance to weight your option.

In my own experience, Marami akong bagay na gustong gawin. Marami akong bagay na gusto i-try. Sa dami nito nalilito ako kung ano ba talaga ang dapat na piliin ko. I take GAS track dahil bukod sa madaming option, narerealize ko na ‘dito parang kakayanin ko.’ Kaya sigurado ako na ang GAS ay makakatulong sa paghanap mo ng desire career mo.

* That takes on a generalist approach in preparing students for college.

Sa tulong ng GAS, dahil sa full of curiousity ako bukod sa nahanap ko na ang desire career ko, pakiramdam ko nahanap ko ang sagot sa GAS. Hindi nakafocus sa isa kundi sa marami pero big advantages naman dahil sa nakakapag wonder ang curiousity ko at mas lumalawak ang kaalam ko. Dahil na rin siguro madaming interesting subjects, nalalaman ko kung saan ako nag eexcel. Kaya itong mga natutunan at napagdaanan ko kabilang sa GAS, magagamit ko kapag nag college na ako.

* Also offers a host of subjects from the other Senior High School strands namely HUMMS, ABM, and STEM.

Ito yung pinaka nagustuhan ko sa GAS. Madaming involve na subjects kung kaya pakiramdam ko kaya ko rin pala ito. Nakaka thrill dahil full of challenges.